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Warning Signs a CBD Product Is Fake



CBD Product Is Fake

As the popularity of CBD rises, so does the sale of fake CBD products. Fake products may scam people who are new to CBD products. However, you can spot fake CBD products if you look closely at the warning signs.

There are high chances that you might be using a fake product. Their sale has surged sharply in the past few years. The competition among legit CBD brands is high, and so is the competition among the scammers, thanks to the rising popularity of CBD.

If you want to avoid being scammed, here are a few aspects you should keep in mind while shopping for a CBD product.


Who does not love discounts and sales? Everyone is guilty of putting a favorite product on hold until it sells. But do you know that massive discounts and frequent sales are a big red flag?

Buying a CBD product at an insanely low price makes it suspicious. Although legitimate brands try their best to offer the lowest possible price to their customers, a jaw-droopingly low price is often for a fake product.

  • Label

Reading labels of CBD products carefully can save you from being scammed. If a product has no label at all, it’s a big no. such products may contain harmful ingredients, and they may have the ability to produce a high due to soaring THC levels.

  • Hemp seed oil

Selling hemp seed oil as hemp oil is the most popular CBD oil scam. Manufacturers get the cold-pressed hemp seed oil and label it as hemp oil. Both are quite different in their composition, as hemp seed oil does not have Cannabidiol products.

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Such fake labelled CBD oils do not work for people. Such scams leave a big question on the credibility of legit products and make the consumers question, “Is CBD oil legit?”

  • Third-party testing

Unbiased third-party testing is essential in eliminating fake products from the market. Such testing is essential to make manufacturers comply with CBD guidelines. It also spots scam manufacturers as they fail the third-party resting. So, always buy CBD products with a third-party testing report.

How to Spot Fake CBD Oil?

Spotting a fake CBD oil is easy if you have the eye for the warning signs. The oil that makes unrealistic, sky-rocketing claims are cent per cent fake. It also includes the products sold on coupon codes. Everyone is aware of the potential of CBD oil. There is nothing more to it until research proves otherwise.

Also, a glance at the bottle of the oil is helpful in regard. Manufacturers pack CBD oil in brown bottles to avoid the degradation of components. CBD oil in clear plastic bottles is not a CBD oil as it is altered due to sunlight and hormone-mimicking chemicals in the plastic bottle.Also, it would help to look for lab-tested CBD oil for sale.

How to Spot Fake CBD Edibles?

The battle of real CBD vs fake is not only limited to CBD oil but also expands to CBD edibles. Cannabinoid profile might prove to be an essential tool against fake edibles. If you read it correctly, it gives an insight into the Cannabidiol composition of the edible. It would be best if you do not buy edibles with harmful ingredients and higher THC, no matter how good the deal is.

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