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Jimmy Smacks: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Career & Net worth



Jimmy Smacks

He is an extremely well-known presenter of various things, including cooking, television, and other related shows. These shows made him very popular. He was born on December 16, 1990. He is a 30-year-old model and influencer. It is still very young. He was born in New York City, USA. He claims to have experienced incredible things growing up and is now very well-known for being a part of Rocky’s model/influencer team. It is well-known among New York City residents.

He goes by his real name on every social media site. He also uses his nickname on other platforms. We can safely say that Jimmy is his real identity in his personal life and social media platforms. Smacks, however, is his alias. We didn’t find any information about him. We also have yet to learn about his childhood. It will share all the details of his life, career, and other information. Apart from all the truth, he also used to sell his illegal items to make a better life for himself before he became famous.

Although he isn’t well-off initially, he struggles with every aspect of life. He makes his home in the subways and streets of New York City. He is well-known for his street life, which has made him famous and popular. He usually claims he is very handsome and smart in the media industry. Many others in the same industry claim he is a fraudster and a huge scammer.


Early Life

He is well-known in the United States of America as a television personality and presenter. He was born in the USA on December 16, 1990. New York, USA, is where his parents raised him.

Many other famous names in the same industry, such as ASAP Rocky, were among his adolescent cohorts. He is also well-known as a New Yorker. We are always curious about his true name and his media name.


Although there isn’t any authentic information about Jimmy’s life, he is known as a con man. Jimmy calls himself an internet marketer. He is a seasoned marketer who created money online eight years ago. It isn’t right. Jimmy used to make money via the internet from his followers and fans.

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He said that he makes an average of over $100,000 per year. Jimmy Smack also owns a website where he used to sell adult goods. He’s not your typical internet influencer. Instead, he’s an adult entertainer and creator of fan content. Jimmy used to create clips for adult entertainment and shared them with women.

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Jimmy smacks age

He is an energetic, young model who is also a major factor. His birthday was December 16 1990. He is a young actor and model of 30 years. A dual citizen of the United States and Africa, he is of African and African-American descent. His star sign and birth sign are Sagittarius. He was born in New York City, USA.

Height and Weight measurements

How tall is Jimmy? He is 5′ 11″ tall. He is 64 Kg in weight. His hair is silky and shiny, and he has beautiful dark brown eyes. He is a natural, healthy man with a humble disposition.

His Instagram account is full of stunning photos and modeling shots that he shares with his followers and fans. He seemed eager to show his appreciation for his images and updated his Instagram accounts with the most recent. The US states that he is perfect in his body measurements and that his shoe size measures 8.


Jimmy Smack was born December 16, 1990, in New York City. He’s a famous songwriter and rapper from the United States. His mother and father are both from the Dominican Republic. His father drove a truck, and his mother worked at a pizza shop. The Bronx was his hometown, and he grew up there.

He started rapping in high school. His first album, Jimmy Smacks is Here!, was released in 2006. The album featured guest spots from Nelly, Fat Joe and JC Uterhardt. Number 58 was the album’s highest position on the Billboard 200 charts. His second studio album, titled Street Dreams, came out in 2009.

T-Pain and Flo Rida made cameos on the album. Number 36 was the album’s highest position on the Billboard 200 charts. Lean Back Vol. was released in 2011. 1: The Mixtape was his third album. Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole sang with Toni Braxton and Lloyd Banks on the album.

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Jimmy Smacks Girlfriend


He is now a couple and is open to being a free man over the internet. Trina is his ex-girlfriend. They are not together anymore. He ended his relationship with Mariah Lynn amid their early relationship. They are now a Love & Hip Hop New York couple. Initially, Mariah and Jimmy had a pure and loving love relationship.

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Jimmy has been in many controversies. One time, he posted an Instagram video where he was caught in a sexually explicit situation with another man. He was accused of being homosexual. He later said the video was part of a project supporting LGBTQ people. Smacks also had a heated argument with Maria Lynn while still dating. Bianca was a victim of cheating Lynn by personality.

Social Media

He also uses Instagram and other related social media platforms. It also uses these platforms. He sometimes uses live transmission to reach his fans and followers.

Jimmy Smacks Profession

Although there isn’t any data on Jimmy’s profession, it’s widely believed that Jimmy is naughty. Jimmy is self-described as an online advertiser and a skilled web advertiser. He also recently made a large amount of cash online, eight years before.

It is not correct in particular. Jimmy used to make money online from his followers and fans. He discovered that he makes and receives an average of over $100,000 yearly.

Jimmy Smack also works for a website through which he sells adult products. He’s not your average web powerhouse. He’s a skilled grown-up performer, and he makes fan content. Jimmy used to make a variety of clasps for grown-up female diversion.

Jimmy Smacks pic


Jimmy smacks the OnlyFans account.

He is also a member of the OnlyFans platform. Both platforms are well-known and highly popular. People know him because of the videos and adult content he posts on this platform. He is NSFW, but it isn’t acting correctly. OnlyFans, on the other hand, is his main platform for self-promotion, and he welcomes all types of content creators there.

He is a writer, chef and comic book artist. He has done everything possible to make money from the platform and content. Like OnlyFans, musicians are also interested in this platform and have been successful there.

He is the most famous name in the world and has a huge personality. He’s also building his empire through strong networks and social media sites such as OnlyFans.

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Net Worth

Jimmy continues to live happily, doing web-based marketing, dating celebrities, and creating racks with OnlyFans. Trina’s ex-wife shows everything online, from designer clothes to expensive new cars. According to the biggest online entertainer, OnlyFans, it has received a total of $2.5 million in one week. Jimmy claims that OnlyFans pays him the same amount each month.

Smacks also have a website where he sells some items. This helps him make more money. Jimmy Smacks will likely have more assets than $2 million by 2021 based on his earnings and the items he owns. An “off-time perspective” may also be possible, he said. Another couple demonstrates what it means to be free on these streets. Jimmy Smacks was a former boyfriend of Trina. He split up with her just recently.

“Affection and Hip Hop New York” star Mariah Lynn is Jimmy’s girlfriend. There hasn’t been much time for Jimmy and Mariah to really get to know each other yet. They have been dating for hardly more than a month. He have been holding hands and kissing quite a bit since then. They are still open to expressing their love publicly, even though their relationship has been rocky.


  • Jimmy Smacks, an American television character, was famous for his relationship with Trina, an American rapper.
  • Jimmy Smacks was born in New York City on December 16, 1990.
  • Before he became famous, Jimmy Smacks offered illegal things to make enough money to pay his bills.
  • He claims that he was an internet-based advertiser eight years ago and that he once earned money from the web.


Who is Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smacks was born on December 16 1990. He is now 30 years old. He was raised in New York. Jimmy claims he grew up in New York and was close to ASAP Rocky.

Is Jimmy Smacks a Scammer?

Internet sources confirm this.! Many people have claimed that Jimmy Smacks is a con artist. Is that true? Is that true? Most people who have a lot of money are just trying to take advantage of others. Some of them evolve into such an entity. Jimmy could possibly belong to the group.

What is Jimmy Smacks Net worth?

Based on his salary and resources, Jimmy Smacks’ assets should be greater than $2 million beginning in 2022.

What is the height of Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smack’s height is 5ft 11.

What is the Weight of Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smacks weighs in at a hefty 64 kg

Who is Jimmy Smack’s girlfriend?

Mariah Lynn is Jimmy Smack’s girlfriend.

What is the Ethnicity of Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smacks African American Ethnicity.

When was Jimmy Smacks born?

Jimmy Smacks was born on December 16 1990.

What is the profession of Jimmy Smacks?

Jimmy Smack is a Television Personality.


We have provided all details about Jimmy Smacks, an adult entertainer. We have finished our in-depth coverage of Jimmy Smacks’ personal life.

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