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Matthew Tyler Vorce: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Career, Family, Girlfriend & Net worth



Matthew Tyler Vorce

An attractive and well-known American actor and writer is Matthew Tyler Vorce. Additionally, he has performed in theater and for voice-overs. Following their appearance in “Mother, May I Sleep in Danger” in 2016, He became well-liked and well-known.

After being spotted several times with Billie Eilish, Matthew is attracting a lot of attention from mainstream media and fans. Matthew and Billie recently enjoyed romantic outings and a recent trip to Disneyland, which confirms their relationship. Despite reports of dating, the couple split up. Through social media, they revealed their separation.


Early Life

The day of September 10, 1991, saw the conception of Matthew Tyler Vorce in the North Film industry, in California. Matthew did not get to share any details about his family, but he said he is from a Christian family. He grew up in California, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas.

Matthew took a course in basic improvement at Ariane Price in Los Angeles in 2017 to make himself a celebrity. After that, he was trained at Playhouse West Studio 4 in Meisner. He is proficient in Dancing, Modeling, Screenwriting, and Playing Drums.

Personal Life

If rumors of him being in a relationship with Billie Eilish, the 29-year-old actor will most likely be single. Billie Eilish, a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and well-known musician has won five Grammys.

Rumors about them dating could be true. In a documentary about Billie, she said she was dating Matthew Vorce, her secret boyfriend.

Although they haven’t confirmed the rumor, both personalities have said nothing about it. However, their relationship has been strained by cheating rumors. In his narrative, Matthew addressed the rumors, saying,

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Matthew made his film debut in Little Monsters (2012), which served as his first role. After that, he starred in Liars, Fires, and Bears in 2012. His subsequent roles included Mom, May I Sleep In Danger, and Dark Hour in 2016: Typee.

Matthew is the author of seven theatrical projects. These include Blue Man Group, July 2013 and August 2015. A House with Monsters premiered in Aug 2016. Blood Alley was in June 2017. Creep(Lore), October 2017, and Creep(Awake), October 2018.

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His TV credits include Return Home, LightHouse, and many others. Her responsibilities include producing and writing the TV miniseries “Searching for Putty Man.” His first music video, “No Love In LA,” was his debut. It was directed by him and was written by Palaye Royale.


Matthew was born on October 10, 1991. By 2022, he will be 31 years old.

Physical Appearance

Matthew Tyler Vorce is a charming and agreeable person. He is 5’10 inches tall (177 cm or 1.77m) and weighs 75 kg. Both the actor and writer are blessed with gorgeous hazel eyes and shiny black hair. His skin tone is cooler and fairer.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce Ethnicity, Nationality

According to Savedaughters information, Matthew Tyler Vorce’s ethnicity status has not been mentioned. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we can. His nationality is American. You will soon receive the complete details. Continue reading to learn all details.


Tyler is very close to his family. His father’s name is still determined, but Tyler is a businessman. His mother is behind the carton as well. Tyler has siblings: his brother is TJ, and James is James. Jade is his sister.


Vorce attended one of the local private schools for his education. He joined The Groundlings theater to learn acting after completing his schooling. For a course in acting, he also enrolled in the Ariane prize in Los Angeles. After completing the course, he applied for an advanced degree at Playhouse West Studio 4.

Matthew Tyler Vorce’s relationship status

Matthew is currently single, according to recent updates. The actor has been a hot topic of controversy and conversation in recent years due to his relationship with Billie Eilish. One of the most popular and successful musicians of her generation is Billie Eilish. Millions love her music, and they eagerly await her next moves. It’s no surprise that Billie and Matthew soon discovered the truth about their relationship.

According to rumors, the couple had been together for nearly a year before being seen in Santa Barbara in 2021. They were photographed together in public and were intimate. It was a huge hit with fans, some happy and others not. Many fans used Matthew’s almost ten-year age gap to call Billie offensive names for dating Matthew.

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They had not made any statements denying or agreeing with the relationship rumors. Fans soon learned that the couple had split. Many speculated that Matthew had cheated on Billie. It was the only one to take it to his Instagram Story and say that no one had cheated. Matthew cleared up the misinformation and stated that the relationship ended like any other. Matthew said he wished no one would spread false information for the sake of it, as it can be dangerous.

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He Once Had A Troublesome Internet Presence

This week, Vorce was in hot water following the resurfacing of old social media posts. Vorce, the actor in “Return Home,” was accused of writing homophobic and racist messages on Twitter and Facebook. He had to apologize in an Instagram Story.

“I’m ashamed of using them in any way, and I am deeply sorry. It is not how I was raised, he continued. I regret using this language in any form, and I promise to never do it again. “I am so sorry for the pain I have caused,” Eilish has not publicly acknowledged Vorce’s scandal or apologized.

Who is Matthew Tyler Vorce Dating?

American actor and writer Matthew Tyler was spotted on the streets with his lady love. They were looking for a coffee. People have become insane since the shutterbugs caught them together. The internet is exploding with the news. Everybody is curious to find out who the mystery girl is. It is simple to locate the solution.

Billie Eilish is the girl in these photos around Matthew. You heard it right. Matthew is Matthew’s lady love. A photo of them together was taken around the end of April 2021. Matthew and Billie were spotted together outside a coffee shop.

Matthew Tyler Vorce Dating

Billie was wearing a black hoodie with bike shorts. Matthew was wearing a baseball cap and casual wear. They were spotted together with Billie’s pitbull. Shark is his name. In other photos, Matthew was also seen holding Billie in one of his arms. Billie also rested her head on Matthew’s shoulders.

They were rumored to be dating. Billie was in a relationship with Brandon “Q” Adams. In 2019, they broke up. In the meantime, Billie made it clear in her documentary that she had a relationship. The documentary was published in the first months of 2021. Now it is clear what she was talking about.


Vorce was infamous for tweeting about a past incident. Fans became more interested in Vorce’s life after he dated Eilish. People started to become curious about his racist tweets in which he used the N-word. The tweets caused a stir among his fans, and Vorce’s Twitter account was suspended.

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Social Media Details

According to reports, Matthew Vorce, the actor, is considered Billie Eilish’s new boyfriend. After Billie Eilish was photographed cuddling up with Matthew in Santa Barbara, suspicions began about their relationship. These speculations may be true, as Eilish stated in a 2020 interview, that she would most likely keep it secret if she did date.

Net Worth

Matthew is an actor and writer with an estimated net worth of $ 300 000 USD. He earns this through his passion, love, and hard work. Matthew is a dedicated actor, voice-over, and model. Matthew can make more money if he is a part of any future movies or television series.


  • Matthew Tyler Vorce has been featured in commercials.
  • He is an avid tattoo artist and has many tattoos.
  • Matthew Tyler loves wearing branded clothes because he is a fashion lover.
  • His sources claim that he is also a member of SAG-AFTRA.
  • He has also been a model for many well-known companies.
  • He hosts his podcast.
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Final Thoughts

Here is the end of our segment about Matthew Tyler Vorce’s age and more. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Matthew Tyler Vorce’s personal life, net worth, relationships, and age. Although he has several talents, acting is his most well-known one.

Although he may have been the subject of controversies and rumors, he has accepted responsibility for his actions. Matthew is very private but knows when and where to speak up. You have read this far. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.


Who is Matthew Tyler Vorce?

American actor and writer Matthew works in both fields. About his purported relationship with Billie Eilish, rumors abounded. He appeared in several Hollywood films, including Little Monsters (2012) and Itsy Bitsy Spiders (2014).

What is the age of Matthew Tyler Vorce?

He is 31 years old as of 2022.

Why is Matthew Tyler Vorce famous?

Billie Eilish became a viral internet sensation after rumors about his boyfriend. Rumors started to spread after Billie was spotted with him in Los Angeles. He has written for television and films. He was an actor in Little Monsters in 2012.

Where was Matthew Tyler Vorce born?

Matthew came into the world in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California.

When was Matthew Tyler Vorce born?

October 10, 1991, was the day Matthew was born.

Is Matthew Tyler Vorce married?

Matthew still needs to be married. Recently, the media spotted Matthew Tyler and Billie Eilish walking along the streets. Since 1999, she has been a performer, songwriter, and music video director. Major media outlets have reported on his relationship with Billie Eilish.

Who are the parents of Matthew Tyler Vorce?

The boy’s family had a strong foundation when he was born into it. His mother’s name is Jana Reddick, but neither his father nor his siblings nor his family background are known to anyone but his mother.

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