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9 Jobs in Professional Football



Jobs in Professional Football

Looking to start a career in the beautiful game? You should. There’s nothing like working so close to something you’re passionate about. It makes your work feel more like a hobby. To give you some inspiration, here are nine jobs in professional football.



This is the big one. If you’ve got talent, there are hundreds of clubs around the country and abroad chasing you. You need to be quick, strong, skillful, and physically fit. Training schedules for a professional player are brutal but the financial rewards can be massive.

Talent scout

This is the person that looks for players. You won’t be out on the pitch but you will be watching a lot of tape in an office and trying to spot talent from afar. Becoming a talent scout requires an in-depth knowledge of the game and a network of contacts around the world.

Athletic trainer

While most of the attention is on the players, no training session would be possible without an athletic trainer. The athletic trainer looks after every aspect of the player’s physical health and makes sure they get through their games physically unscathed. The job requires a mix of professionalism, sportsmanship, and personal skill.

Broadcast engineer

The broadcast engineer is responsible for setting up the TV and radio equipment before a game to ensure it’s working perfectly. It’s a really important job as you can’t have an international football match without being able to watch or listen to it! This job will get you super close to the action.

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Concessions worker

Working as a concessions worker might not be the football job you dreamed of but at least you get to watch the games. You’ll be meeting and greeting people as they come into the stadium, selling overpriced food and drink, working in the merch stall, and being generally awesome.


The dietitian deals with the food and drinks that players ingest. They make sure the players are getting all of their vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet and tell them when it’s okay to eat chocolate every day for a week. If you understand nutritional science, this is a great way to get close to the players and affect their performance in a significant way.


This might not be the most loved job in football but it’s still important. After all, football is a business and someone needs to take care of the business side. As an executive, you will have a say in the objectives of the club, transfers, and more.


If you can stay calm under pressure, don’t get intimidated by the crowd, and have an excellent eye for fouls, then refereeing might be for you. You’ll need to know the laws of football inside and out and not lose your cool with players or managers.


Statisticians are extremely important to football clubs in the modern game. They collect and analyze data on each match and player, allowing the club to make informed decisions. The clubs with the best data science departments are often the most successful on the pitch.

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