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How to Keep a Greenhouse Warm During Winters



Greenhouse Warm During Winters

The choice of having a greenhouse at home may seem to be a little off for some reason especially when one has to pay their bills and also greenhouse electricity bills. But guess what there are splendid options that can help to keep the greenhouse plants as warm as possible during the winters and that too without electricity. If you can afford electric heaters then it is a great option otherwise you can notice the list of non-electric features as well. In this article, we will talk about how to heat a greenhouse?

How to keep a greenhouse warm

  • The first thing which seems quite economical is that you can make great use of bubble wraps. The larger the size of the bubbles the great amount of insulation it tends to provide. The bubbles are designed with great audacity and can provide superb heat to the plants inside the greenhouse. Make sure you close the doors and windows of your greenhouse so that heat doesn’t come out of the area. This is the most affordable option for heating up the greenhouse.
  • The use of a thermostat is another great option. The thermostat helps to keep direct control of the temperature inside the greenhouse. The ideal temperature with lights on is 24 to 26 degrees. Place the probes of the thermometer near the plants to know the temperature of the surroundings of the plants and vegetables. To achieve the best results you can buy a thermostatically controlled heater which allows you to control heat. As it is within your range as well. It never lets the temperature exceed the point or threshold. This might also reduce the overall cost or price of the heater as well. Thus the thermostat is an ideal option to be placed within the greenhouse.
  • We all place heaters or thermostats within the premises of the greenhouse but what happens is that the heat doesn’t circulate properly. The heat of the room stays in one place and makes things a lot worse. It causes unwanted hot and cold patches inside your greenhouse of yours. Along with heaters, the other suitable thing required is to use air circulators. This leads to the flow of the air evenly throughout your room of yours. Without the air circulators, the thermostat fails to show the desired results and often messes up the measurements as well. Therefore use air circulators.
  • Ventilation of the greenhouse is very important for the health and growth of the plants within it. Because plants use carbon dioxide and as a result of this consumption plants release oxygen and air into the surrounding. If you fail to provide adequate carbon dioxide to the plants the plants will become humid and die of this depletion. Therefore the best you can do is to open the greenhouse doors and windows during the day to let the air come inside and at night close the doors of the greenhouse to keep the plants as fresh and warm as possible
  • Another economical possible way is to cover up the plants at night. There are people who are not able to keep the plants as warm as possible. To avoid this process of guilt they often use plastic bags to let the plants stay warm for as long as possible. If you cover the plants the plants will stay warm enough but make sure during the day you take off the cover because the coverlets the moisture and humidity stay inside the plants and too much moisture or humidity might compromise the overall growth of the plants as well. Thus remove the covers during the daylight.
  • The last option one could use is to place heaters inside the greenhouse. If you can afford to place heaters and can tackle the connections or cables then go for heaters. Propane heaters are an ideal option but they can turn out to be pretty expensive as well. However, when you switch off the heaters the warmth will go away and plants will become cold again. Thus that’s an issue that one has to turn the heaters on all the time to keep the plants as warm as possible. Heaters are expensive, to avoid this issue you can use the above-listed features or options to compensate for the excessive price. With heaters, you often need fans to let the heat evenly get distributed to the room otherwise yet again you might encounter hot and cold patches. 
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