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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy AND Beautiful



Teeth Healthy AND Beautiful

Keeping your smile healthy is one of the best things you can do for your health and your looks – and it’s easier to achieve than ever before. Use the guide below to get clean, beautiful teeth, starting right now!


Get the Basics Right

Let’s start with the basics: your brushing routine. Teeth should be brushed, using either a manual or an electric toothbrush, twice a day, for about two minutes each time; take care to clean all of the surfaces of each tooth: the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces. This will help to remove plaque, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Don’t forget to give your tongue a gentle brush as plaque can build upon its surfaces, too. Manual toothbrushes should be replaced regularly, every three months or so, or sooner if you notice any wear or damage to the bristles.

Using fluoride toothpaste is recommended to best protect the teeth: adult toothpaste should contain 1,350 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride, and kids under six years of age can use paste that’s at least 1,000 ppm. After you’ve finished brushing, spit out the excess water and paste, but it’s advised not to rinse straight away, as this could decrease the preventive effects of any remaining fluoride left on the teeth.

Incorporating flossing into your routine could be a good idea, too: flossing can help remove plaque and debris that can get caught between the teeth and can decrease the likelihood of inflammation of the gums. Flossing should be done once a day, and your dentist can give you some tips to get started if you find it tricky at first. It does take some practice but can offer real benefits for a healthy mouth.

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Mouthwash and interdental brushes can also be used as part of your dental hygiene routine to further protect teeth, gums and promote a healthy mouth. Your dentist can give you further advice, if required, on how best to use these.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening is an accessible and affordable way to enhance your smile; your dentist can provide this treatment, or there is a range of at-home treatment kits to help you easily achieve pearly whites in the comfort of your living room.

Whitening serums and LED technology are often deployed in conjunction to see results fast; have a look at this article to see the various options compared plus the different benefits they offer and pricing information. The LED element works through the use of a totally safe blue light that activates the whitening agents present in the gel or serum that is applied to the teeth first. Most at-home kits only need to be used for about ten minutes or less a day, with results lasting approximately six months, on average – although touch-ups are sometimes required. Treatments are available for those with sensitive teeth, and for those wishing to have all-natural and Vegan or gluten-free formulations, these can be sourced, too;  many offer money-back guarantees for extra peace of mind.

Teeth whitening can be a fantastic way to boost both your smile and your confidence, and with a range of options to access this treatment, it’s easier to do than ever before.

Lifestyle Hacks For Healthy Teeth

Your general lifestyle and diet can have a huge impact on the health of your teeth and mouth. Enhanced Dental Studios Sanctuary Cove, a dentist in Hope Island, Australia, suggests you take simple steps, like reducing the amount of sugar in your diet to help prevent tooth decay and keep your gums in good shape. As well as cutting back on the obvious offenders, such as sweets, biscuits, and sugar in tea and coffee, it’s also best to limit consumption of juice or smoothies to just one glass a day, totaling about 150 ml.

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As well as the other serious health problems it can cause, smoking is also bad for the teeth and gums; it can result in staining, cause bad breath and bring on or aggravate gum disease. If you’re a smoker, quitting will be the very best thing you can do for your overall health in 2022.

Cutting back on alcohol can also be beneficial to your teeth; drinking can result in the wearing away of tooth enamel, which can make you more liable to need fillings; heavy drinking is also linked to mouth cancer, especially in those who also smoke.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

To get – and maintain – healthy teeth, it is vital to visit your dentist on a regular basis. As well as being able to give your teeth a deep clean and provide advice on effective brushing and flossing techniques, your dentist is also trained to spot any possible problems early so that treatment can be begun if necessary to protect the health of your mouth.

Your dentist can also give you advice on your options for tooth whitening or orthodontic treatments,, should you want a straighter smile. They can also often refer you to a hygienist (usually located at the same practice) who will usually focus on preventative care and will keep gum disease at bay as well as remove stains on the surfaces of the teeth.

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