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Renting a Self Storage Unit: What to Know About Storage Facility Rentals



Storage Facility Rentals

There are plenty of self-storage facilities available in the market today. Differentiating between these facilities and finding out the best self-storage units can be difficult. Self-storage facilities have a lot to offer and provide their customers with a lot of features. We have tried to make things easier for you.

This is why we bring you the list of things you should know before renting a self-storage unit. This will give you a better idea of what to look out for in a self-storage unit. These tips will help you judge the quality of any self-storage unit.


Here are a few things that you should know about storage facility rentals:

1) Climate-Controlled Units

If you are storing goods for a long period, then there are chances they might get damaged due to the weather. Rusting, corrosion, and dew are commonly faced problems at a storage facility. All of this can be managed by renting a climate-controlled unit. These unit temperatures can be controlled and can be set up to the desired value.

So, make sure your facility has these types of units available for rentals. Also, the ceiling of the storage should be plastered and should have a waterproofing coat. This will prevent goods from getting damaged from rainfall water seepage.

2) Rental Rates and Prices

Different self-storage facilities units have different offers. Know your budget and stick to it. You can either make month-to-month payments or pay for six months in one go. Some storage rental facilities offer one month of free storage space on a booking of six months. Hence, compare all the available options to find the best offers and the cheapest rates.

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3) Safety and Security Arrangements

Earlier there was a big concern regarding self-storage safety. Storage units were subject to theft and robbery. However, now things have changed. Almost all the facilities are fenced and have electronic keypad gated entry. Every rental owner is provided with an individual gate code that helps him access the facility.

Also, there is security camera surveillance and door locks to avoid any problems. Another important to check is whether the facility provides you a goods insurance. In case of any unprecedented circumstances or damage to the goods, you will get paid back for that. Having rental goods insurance is the best way to ensure safety and security. Many times, you are not able to access goods whenever you want. Hence, choose a facility that offers you 24-hour access to your goods.

4) Unit Sizes and Quality

There are different unit sizes and types you can choose from. Firstly, decide between indoor and outdoor storage units. The advantage of having an outdoor unit is that it gives you direct outdoor access. Some facilities have multi-level storage. Having a ground-floor unit is always advantageous. The unit should be clean, spacious, and well-ventilated.

Ask the facility for storage unit licenses, roof waterproofing, and insulation coating. If all these features are available, then it is a good facility. Make sure you lock your units with proper good-quality locks. Some units offer extra space and can accommodate vehicles. So, check for different storage sizes as per your storage requirements. The facility should have wide driveways and big rolling doors. This will ensure smooth shifting of goods.

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5) Additional Facilities

You will find all the above-mentioned basic features at most of the facilities. However, check for additional features that a facility can offer to make your user experience better. Some facilities have in-built cafes and offer free coffee to their customers. Also, check for shifting assistance. Some storage rentals provide free truck transportation and give shifting trolleys, boxes, as well as hand carts. These extra features make shifting the goods easier and help you save time. Ask the facility for free locks and gate access hours.


These are the few things that you should consider before renting any self-storage unit. Having features like continuous access, security provisions, climate controls, and good pricing will automatically make you feel happy and secure. If a storage rental facility has all these features, then you can assign them the responsibility of storing your goods. We hope this article helped you gain more information about renting self-storage units. Save this article and visit our website for more content.

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