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Lifelike Text To Speech: Does It Deliver?



Lifelike Text To Speech

Text-to-speech aka TTS is an important part of the digital revolution. TTS is the technology in which text is taken as input to produce audible speech. In recent years, AI text-to-speech tools have become vital for many businesses and industries like eLearning.

AI text-to-speech or synthetic voice utilizes AI and deep learning to translate text into realistic voice output. As per your requirements, you can alter voiceovers by changing the pitch, speed, volume, etc.


How does it help businesses grow?

Saves time and money

One of the key advantages of text-to-speech online tools is that it helps users and businesses save time and money. Online voice or speech generators mostly have subscription plans based on your needs. This helps to cut down on other expenses such as renting out studios to record, time and money spent in employing voice over artists, or the time and money spent in coordinating with multiple people.

Improved user experience

Voice over generators are tools meant for everyone. They make it easy to enhance your content with voice overs. Irrespective of one’s expertise in the audio and voice over industry, these tools are user-friendly and anyone willing to learn them can do so in just a few sessions. For instance, Murf lets you edit a voice over in four simple steps – cut, copy, paste, and render. With such simple steps, every user can explore and create as many voice overs as needed.

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Global Audience

AI text-to-speech tools are known for the choices they offer. If you are intending to create content for a global audience then an AI tool is a great choice. You can choose from an extensive list of languages and voices to cater to your audience. A couple of clicks and a few minutes is all it takes to give you the final results.

Increased productivity

Unlike custom voice over artists, text-to-speech generators let you create multiple voice overs in a jiffy. Do you want to audition multiple voices? A voice over generator lets you do that. You can create sample voice overs with various voices and then fix one that suits your needs. With text-to-speech generators, human expertise can be streamlined to other areas that need human intervention.

Scale your customer support

Customer support is a key element in the success of all businesses especially, small and mid-sized companies. If you cater to customers from different time zones then you would need an accurate and realistic AI voice that is designed to help your business and engage users. You can use AI voice to create personalized user experiences like multilingual offerings across multiple engagement channels.

Aligns with different learning styles

Every person’s learning style is different – it can be auditory, visual, or kinesthetic materials. However, for most people, it is a combination of all three that is most effective and engaging. It is important to create learning materials that are easily comprehendible and help retain information while appealing to all learning styles.

Enhanced Branding

If voice overs can add value to your business then it’s time you consider identifying voices that are unique to your brand and business. You can also create audio avatars to be the voice of your brand. A personalized character recognized by its audio could gradually be your brand identity.

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As listed above, there are several ways in which text-to-speech and AI voice can add to the growth of a business. If you are looking for something similar to ease your voice over production process then we suggest you give Murf a try. Murf is a voice-over-video app that lets you create high-quality professional voice overs. You can upload your voice recording or script to the tool and convert it into realistic AI voices. Murf also lets you choose from over 110+ voices and 15+ languages to create voice overs that cater to a global audience. To convey the intent of your script, play with punctuations and emphasis. With Murf, you can convert your home recordings to impressive voice overs. Murf is an exciting choice for most video types such as branded videos, presentations, eLearning materials, and explainer videos among others.

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