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Loft Extension Tips and Advice from Professionals



Loft Extension Tips and Advice

When you need more space in your home, looking up is a great idea. Loft extension has helped many people add extra square footage of space that can be used as a study or gym room, an ensuite guest bedroom, or any other space in your home. For a start, this is the simplest way to add value to your home. But there is a catch: it is a project that requires expertise to convert, especially now that the space will be usable.

But before you can bring in a loft extension constructor, you need to plan, make a budget, and understand the implication of the entire project to your house. Therefore, it is paramount to seek the help of a professional for tips and advice. Luckily, we have assembled some for you.


Assess Your Attic

Experts advise assessing the attic to see if it is suitable for a loft extension. Sometimes, you could be planning to do a loft extension of an impossible project. First, look at the head height to ensure that it is compliant with the minimum requirements. Some countries require a minimum of 2.2m head height, but you can check the exact requirement in your area.

Other factors to consider include the gable wall if there is any, the need for windows and their viability, the roof material, as well as the need for pillars to support the new floor.

Understand the Loft Extension Regulations

As you continue to plan, you must know the loft extension and construction regulations in your country. Loft extension projects typically fall under permitted development in many countries, which is why it is very popular. But you will be surprised that there are numerous requirements you need to fulfill to get extension permits and approvals.

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According to professionals, there is no need to take this step alone. Instead, seek the help of a professional architect to walk you through it. They understand what is required by the authorities to get the approvals. For instance, Humphreysandsons are the UK’s number one loft extension consultants who will ensure that you get the permits and construct the loft of your dreams.

Get Professional Plans and Drawings

Another crucial step for doing a loft extension is drawing the design and plans. A professional architect should draw the plans before even making applications for approvals. So, how do they go about this? Once they are involved from the first step, they help you align the idea of the space design, understand if your loft is within permitted development, and then sit down to draw the designs for you.

Successful loft extension designs and plan gives you a visual impression of the completed project, provide plans for making a budget, provide copies for permission application, and most importantly, provide a guide for the construction. After this step, you can apply for permission and approvals through a professional architect.

Making a Loft Extension Budget

Before you commence a loft extension project, you should know how much it will cost and the source of the funds. But making a budget can be an uphill task if you do have any ideas. The good thing is that you can hire a qualified construction financial adviser to help.

A projected budget for the loft is usually simple and covers the materials, labor, and furnishing of the loft. Experts advise people to have enough money so that the project does not stall, especially if the space below the loft is already in use.

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The final and most important stage of a loft extension is the implementation of your idea and plans: the construction. The rule of thumb is to hire a qualified constructor who will work with your architect, interior designer, and engineer to ensure that you get the best results.

Almost every expert in loft extension will share similar tips and advice as we have. In case you have been wondering how to go about this, now you do.

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