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5 Reasons Why Magna Tiles Will Become Your Family’s New Favorite Toy



Magna Tiles

If you haven’t played with a Magna Tiles set recently, then you might be surprised at how many different variations are available. Each little plastic tile is lined with magnets that allow it to attach to other tiles with ease, which makes them perfect for building complex geometric structures. They also stick to metal surfaces, such as your refrigerator, cookie sheets, or a steel garage door.

5 Reasons To Love Magna Tiles

Now that you’ve had a chance to get familiar with these seemingly simple toys, take a look at why they are sure to become a household favorite.

  1. They Are Lightweight and Portable

Parents often feel like they are lugging around half of their household goods for a simple grocery run. Adding in a heavy and bulky toy is a recipe for at least frustration — if not total disaster. Luckily, Magna Tiles offer a lightweight, small, and super portable solution. Toss a handful in a baggie and head out the door. Plus, the magnets help creations stay intact while traveling.

  1. They Encourage Creativity

Simple toys like magnetic tiles require creative input from users. In this case, that means your kids will get some of those creative juices flowing while they play.

  1. STEM Toys Foster Exploration and Learning

So much more than little plastic tiles, these are powerful STEM toys that encourage exploration of how things fit together and work. Kids will learn math concepts including basic arithmetic, matching, and geometry while also getting a glimpse of some basic engineering concepts.

  1. You Will Find New Ways To Use Them Every Day

This is not a toy that your kids will play with for a week before getting bored. Their versatility means that you will always be coming up with new ways to use Magna Tiles. A few suggestions for creative ways to use magnetic tiles include:

  • Write letters on them and let kids spell out words or create stories
  • Draw puzzle outlines and have kids fill them in with the correct tiles
  • Make tile-matching games by attaching images to them and mixing them up
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If you buy a kit, you may be tempted to only use it for the designs listed on the package, however, it will limit the amount of fun you and your kids can have with each one. You don’t have to dump them all together into a plastic shoebox for storage, but it may be helpful to combine kits to encourage creativity and new designs.

  1. Magnetic Tiles Are Great for All Ages

Unlike some toys that are designed for very specific age ranges, kids of all ages (and parents, too) can enjoy Magna Tiles. That makes them an awesome addition to multi-children households, or even a great toy to keep on hand for when friends drop in with kids of different ages. It’s a good idea to remember that different age groups will probably find their own uses for magnetic tiles, so keep an eye out to make sure activities are age-appropriate.

A seemingly simple set of magnetic tiles can provide hours of creative, educational, and fun play for kids of all ages. Shop online for a great selection of kits or mix and match to create your own.

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