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Best Educational Apps for Teachers



Educational Apps for Teachers

Advancement in tech and its integration into learning has resulted in the creation of many educational apps teachers can use to streamline teaching and get better learning outcomes from students. These applications offer much more than traditional textbooks and chalkboards, as they allow teachers to interact with their students in numerous ways. A teacher can’t use all these applications to benefit their students. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best educational apps teachers can use to facilitate learning.


You are missing a lot if you are still writing your assignments on the white or blackboard. Evernote allows teachers to organize notes, reading materials, and assignments online for their students in only a few seconds. By centralizing and arranging these materials online, students will not have any excuse for forgetting where the homework was uploaded or where they can find the study material. One reason the students get stuck with assignments and opt to seek help from platforms like EssayUSA essay writing service is having difficulty finding materials to use for the assignment. Thus, using Evernote will help minimize such occurrences. The app can also be used to record and upload a class for students – if you feel you will not make it to class, the app will save the day. This feature enables learning to continue even in the teacher’s absence.


Teachers can use different strategies to improve students’ engagement, and one such strategy is games. Kahoot is an application that gamifies tests and assignments. It has millions of educational games that improve the learning experience. It also allows teachers to create their own games and customize them according to their students’ needs. What’s more, students can play the games virtually or have an in-game session in class. The teacher can also monitor students’ learning progress by looking at their progress reports on the app.

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If you desire an all-in-one learning platform that you can use for PowerPoint presentations, ClassPoint is the right app to have. The app improves PowerPoint presentations by introducing annotations and different presentation features. Students can also enjoy the application’s interactive quizzes. The app also helps you design AI-generated questions with just a few clicks. A major advantage of this app is how it improves students’ participation through its interactive PowerPoint presentations. It is also user-friendly, and an instructor doesn’t spend much time learning how to use it.


Socrative allows teachers to administer quizzes and polls. The same application helps you check the quiz results to understand better whether students grasped the concepts being discussed, and you can adjust your teachings based on the results from the polls and quizzes. The application further allows you to create quick questions for the class at the end of a lesson to ensure students clearly understand the information you provide. If you use the free version of the app, you can work with a classroom of 50 students, but if you desire to use multiple classes, you will require the pro version.

Parlay Genie

Parlay Genie provides an interactive classroom discussion forum that facilitates structured discussions. The app provides discussion prompts and tracks students’ participation in real time. It can also be used to seamlessly integrate the discussions into the curriculum, allowing students to harness their critical thinking skills.


If you want to simplify parent-teacher communication without sharing your contact information with parents, Remind is the right tool for that. The app allows teachers and parents to send and share messages without sharing any personal information. The seamless communication provides better engagement and offers an avenue for information sharing with parents and students.

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Quizlet isn’t just about flashcards for revisions. It is an easy-to-use application that is perfect for learning any subject. Teachers can use the app’s interactivity to help students memorize concepts and understand important teaching points. Though many teachers stress the need to understand a concept, memorizing is still important in learning. A student needs to be able to memorize important concepts to understand them in a more detailed manner. Another cool feature is that it helps track a student’s progress. Thus, you can know the areas where the student is struggling and execute necessary actions to help them learn better.


Educreations is an interactive application that allows instructors to turn iPads into whiteboards. The app allows you to create lessons and share them with students. What’s more, it has many features on the whiteboard that allow you to record your voice and import images. The only limitation of this app is that it is only available on the iPad. However, you can use it on any browser with an Adobe Flash player.


Nearpod is an application that improves student engagement by making learning more fun and interactive. The application allows you to create lessons with 3D objects and simulations. On top of the interactive lessons, the app allows you to administer questions and quizzes during class to ensure everyone is engaged throughout the lesson. This application is also free to download, but there are limits to its usage. The free version only allows you to include 40 students, and the customer support you will get is also limited. Consider the gold and platinum plans to get the best from the app.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an application that helps instructors distribute learning materials and assignments in an organized manner to students on their phones and tablets. With an internet connection, the app allows you to start class discussions, send updates, and even grade assignments. Moreover, the app connects with other G-suite applications, including Calendar, Docs, and Drive, to facilitate teaching and make learning easier for students. A teacher can connect with students as a group through the app or even hold one-on-one discussions. Besides, the tutor can tell those who have submitted assignments and provide them with feedback in real-time.

Closing Remarks

As technology continues to advance, teachers should also advance and take advantage of the technologies that make teaching easier and improve the learning experience. There is an application for everything, whether you want to enjoy better student engagement, connect with parents, or find easier ways of sharing notes and other educational materials with students. The apps discussed above should be a good starting point for your selection.

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