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5 Ways To Make Sure Your Shipment Is Delivered Safely And Timely



Shipment Is Delivered Safely

Every year, over 263 million people order products online. If you specialize in a business that sells products to the masses, then shipping should be one of your top priorities. Businesses that fail to provide their customers with fast and efficient shipping tend to experience financial losses.

Instead of losing customers due to bad shipping prices, you need to find and fix any issues that exist. Are you trying to make sure that shipments to your customers are delivered safely and timely? If so, here are some things you need to do.


1. Hiring the Right Carrier Service is Vital

Trying to handle every aspect of running a business is a disaster waiting to happen. Attempting to manage shipping logistics can be extremely problematic. Instead of making mistakes that compromise shipping times, you need to leave this work to the professionals. Working with a reputable carrier service is a great way to speed up the delivery process and take some stress off of your plate.

You need to realize that not all carrier services are created equally. This is why you need to do some homework before choosing a service to use. If you are looking for a carrier service that utilizes the power of third-party providers and independent drivers, visit Jansson LLC.

2. Implement Efficient Packing Practices

When sending your products to customers around the country, you need to make sure they are packed up properly. Failing to take precautions when packing the items you sell can result in them getting damaged during shipping.

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Rather than allowing this damage to render the product inside useless, you need to think about putting tons of cushioning in the box. The cushioning options you should consider are:

  •       Cardboard or foam inserts
  •       Airbags
  •       Packing peanuts
  •       Bubble wrap

By padding the inside of the box with these materials, you can keep your products safe in transit.

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3. Make Sure Packages Are Clearly Labelled

Making sure the packages you send out get to the right customer is important. Some of the biggest shipping mistakes occur as a result of poor labeling practices. If the boxes you are sending products in aren’t clearly labeled, it will be difficult to avoid problems. This is why you need to create and implement labeling practices for you and your team to follow.

These labeling guidelines should include things like marking the box fragile if necessary and checking the shipping label for accuracy. Taking the time to review all of these pertinent details can help to ensure packages are delivered to the right person.

4. The Right Box Makes a Big Difference

If you want to improve the shipping experience your customers receive, choosing the right boxes is imperative. Some business owners make the mistake of selecting the cheapest boxes they can find. While these cheap boxes will keep a business on a budget, they will not provide much protection to the items contained inside.

Instead of skimping on box quality, you need to choose the best shipping materials on the market. Selecting boxes that are made from thick cardboard will add an extra layer of protection to your products. You also need to make sure the boxes in question are the right size for your products.

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best shipping materials

5. Provide Customers With Shipping Information

Allowing your customers to track their packages from the time they are shipped is also beneficial. Providing your customers with a tracking number is also a good way to find out about shipping delays early on. If you are using a modern carrier service, they can help you keep customers informed about their shipments.

Using the tips in this article can help you keep shipments safe and secure.

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