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Kristen Baker Bellamy: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Career & Net Worth



Kristen Baker Bellamy

Kristen Baker Bellamy is an American actress from Los Angeles, California. Her performances in Dinner at Tiffani’s in 2014, The Bounce Back in 2016, and The Fix in 2019 were some of her highlights. Its roles have also been in numerous other television series.

Her husband, the famous American actor and stand-up comedian Bill Bellamy were largely responsible for her rise to fame. They’ve been together for a while and seem to be becoming stronger with age.

Kristen is a celebrity and is well-known worldwide, although she is the wife of a famous person. Bill Bellamy’s wife, Kristen, is a family-oriented celebrity who shares her space with her wonderful family. She enjoys time with her loved ones and going on adventures.


Kristen Baker Bellamy Age

Baker, a profound American actor, was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 24, 1980. The 42-year-old actress has not shared any details about her family. According to sources, she was born in Los Angeles in the United States.

Height & Weight

Kristen Baker Bellamy, a tall, slim woman with beautiful features, is tall. Her body measurements show that she has light brown eyes and fair skin. She is approximately 5′ 6″ tall and 57 kg in weight. However, her vital stats are not available.

Kristen Baker Bellamy Family

Baker has a terrible memory of her Father, who was diagnosed with cancer. His mother, Eileen Baker, passed tragically in November 2005, when she was only 35 years old. Her success and hard work motivate her Father to be happy in this challenging phase. She revealed that she had a sister Melissa through a social media post.

Kristen Baker Bellamy’s Husband

Kristen Baker Bellamy was married to Bill Bellamy on June 16, 2001, in a small ceremony. Bill and Kristen vowed before close friends, family, and loved ones. Rumors say they met through mutual friends. However, the couple has kept their romance a secret from their fans.

After a couple of years of dating and getting to know each other, Barker and Bellamy were ready to get married. Since 2001, they have lived happily together as husband and wife. They also avoid gossip about their extramarital affairs or divorce. Kristen and Bill kept private their past relationships and love stories.

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Kristen and her husband Bill are proud parents to two children, a son, and a girl. Their elder daughter Bailey Ivory Rose was born to them. Bailey, Bailey’s daughter, was born in 2003. On July 5, 2006, they welcomed their youngest child, who they named Baron Bellamy. The family of four lives in idyllic surroundings.

As we mentioned, Kristen Baker Bellamy is married to Bill Bellamy, an American comedian, and actor. On April 7, 1965, he opened his eyes to William Bellamy in Newark, New Jersey. After appearing on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, he was in the limelight.

Bill is also well-known for his roles in many TV and movie series. These include How to Be a Player for Men, Women & Dogs and Twenty-One, Meet the Browns, and Royal Pains. Kindergarten Cop 2 is another.

Early Life

American-born Kristen Baker Bellamy grew up in sunny California. Based on her photo, Bellamy looks to be in her 40s. She was raised in California by her siblings and parents. However, we do not know who they are.

Originally from the United States, Kristen is of the white race. For the moment, we will not reveal any details about Kristen’s childhood or educational history. She studied at one of the best universities in the United States.

Kristen Bellamy Career

As Lydia in “Born into Exile,” Kristen’s acting career kicked off in 1997. Kristen made her debut in the role of a college student in “House of Frankenstein” that same year. She has had several bit parts throughout the years, including as a flight attendant in the 2003 film “Fastlane.”

As of the 2013 update, she has been seen on “Rachel Ray. She subsequently made guest appearances on programs like “The Doctor,” “Home and Family,” etc. In 2016, she played the role of Sally in “The Bounce Back.” Also in 2017, she appeared on the Netflix original series “Dinner at Tiffani’s.” Her most recent role was as “The Fix” in 2019.

Kristen is a fashion designer currently. She also offers a line of Kaftans for women of all ages under her label. Her blog about food, restaurants, travel, and personal life is also regularly posted on her website. Her blog features recipes, event ideas, and experiences from her travels.

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Kristen also blogs at “Holly Mom Blog,” where she writes about her life as a mother, daily happenings, and many other topics. She and her daughter were recent contestants on Bill Bellamy’s “Celebrity Family Feud,” where they faced off against Vivica A. Fox’s relatives.

Personal Life

Bellamy is Kristen’s husband. After a lengthy courtship, they tied the knot in 2001. They’ve been married for two decades and raised two kids as a team. Her first kid, Bailey, was born in 2003.

She is now 18 years old. Baron, her son, was born in 2006. He is currently 15. She is also close with her sister-in-law Karen and in-laws Edna Bellamy and William Bellamy.

What is the Net Worth of Kristen Baker Bellamy?

Kristen Baker Bellamy’s acting career has netted her a respectable salary. As has been widely reported, Kristen Baker Bellamy is worth millions. According to reports, she could earn $50,000-$60,000 per year as an actress in movies and TV shows.

Kristen and Bill Bellamy, who have a combined net worth of $8 million, are among the most famous and wealthy people in the world. With his acting and comedy careers doing well, he has earned a considerable fortune. She has an expensive mansion in Los Angeles for her and her family.

Kristen and Bill bought a 3,324-square-foot property in Los Angeles, California, for $930,000. There were two plush bedrooms and four full baths. Currently, Kristen’s focus is on building a successful career. If she gets more roles in movies and TV shows, her earnings could rise.

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Social Media

Kristen has 23.6k Instagram followers and a reach of approximately 450 people on Facebook. Her Twitter account has 32 followers. She is active on Snapchat.

Kristen Baker Bellamy Education

Kristen Baker, Bill Bellamy’s wife and a star actress for her performance as Lydia in “Born into Exile,” is not in the mood to talk about her academics. According to sources, Baker entered the acting school after she finished her education. She is said to have met Bill there, and they continue to date.

Who is Kristen Baker Bellamy’s Sister? Her Ethnicity

Kristen Baker Bellamy was a child of American parents. However, she has not revealed her birth date, parents, or family background. However, she is Edna Bellamy’s daughter-in-law. Kristen is Afro-American and holds American citizenship.

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Her sister is also American. Baker must have had a lot of love from her parents in her youth. A family like Kristen’s is a blessing. She is qualified and educated, but her educational background is kept secret.

Rise of her Fame

Kristen starred in the comedy-romance film “The Bounce Back” as Sally in 2016. Her spouse Bill was the central figure in the picture as well. She gained a tonne of attention because of this flick. Her career as a movie star rocketed into high gear after this film. It’s a promotional piece for her stardom.

She was a star in many TV series and films that made a massive impact on her career. She was rewarded with enormous success in media and entertainment in her next TV series, ‘Dinner at Tiffani’s.’ This was a one-on-one benefit.

She was popular in the past with the film “The Bounce Back” and is now well-known with this series. Kristen was a news anchor on the TV series “The Fix” in 2019. She was successful in many ways, and this was one of them. In 2021 she appeared on “Celebrity Family Feud,” where she maintained her career.

Interesting Facts about Kristen Baker Bellamy

  • She is active on Instagram under the username shop Kristen Bellamy. She has just 403 Instagram followers and currently follows 51 people.
  • Although we are still trying to find her age and Zodiac sign, we discovered that she is American.
  • Baker is married and well-known as Bill Bellamy’s wife. Bill Bellamy, Kristen’s husband, is also well-known in the film industry.
  • Bailey Ivory Rose Bellamy a daughter and Baron Bellamy a son are Baker and Bill’s offspring.
  • Kristen and Bill Bellamy’s marriage was an American landmark. US citizens Baker and Bill Bellamy tied the knot in Santa Monica, California.
  • Kristen, also known as shop kaftan Kristen Bellamy on Facebook, sells various products and services via the platform.
  • She is both an actor and a Hollywood influencer. Her work makes her a lot of money, but we have yet to get the exact amount of her net worth and monthly income.
  • Despite her popularity, she has yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Only a few websites have written about it.
  • Kristen is a great-looking woman with a good sense of fashion. We are still gathering information on Kristen’s height, weight, and body measurements.


Kristen Baker Bellamy was the wife of Bill Bellamy, a well-known American actor. She made her mark in the entertainment business as a prominent actress.

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