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Couch Potatoes – How to Minimize Screen Addiction in Kids?



Couch Potatoes

Toddlers learn many things from their parents, especially their mothers. As she always stays with the child and sings the poems.

But today, kids get attracted to electronic devices and develop screen addiction at the age of 3. Parents nowadays use digital devices to keep their kids entertained. Poems and rhymes are available online. Thus busy parents find it convenient to let their kids watch cartoons and animations using digital devices.

If we look closer, it is us who draw our kids towards digital addiction. Kids indeed are screen-obsessed. They need to crawl for healthy growth, but their digital devices stick them on sofas, making them couch potatoes. But parents can use spy apps for Android to monitor kids’ screen usage.


Research About the Toddlers with Excessive Screen Time

Studies have shown that two-thirds of parents believe that their child is addicted to mobile screens. Kids aging between 2-8 years actively use digital devices for at least an hour a day.

Researchers have claimed that screen addiction in toddlers can cause various health issues. They can also lose their learning skills if they spend too much time using cell phones or tablets.

The analysis revealed that kids who use the mobile or tabs for more than 3 hours are less active than the other children.

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Effects of Screen Addiction – Toddlers

Thinning of Brain Cortex

Researchers observed the learning skills between the kids. One toddler used to watch the screen for more than 1 hour & the other kid watched the device for more than 3 hours. The first kid had better learning skills, an active routine, and efficient brain working than the second child.

Less Physical Movement

Being a couch potato, a toddler can’t move for hours. They can’t see their parents’ faces because they use too many mobile phones. That’s the reason why growing kids consider the screen too necessary. Why they prefer toys when they have animated series or games? It can badly affect their body language, and they grow less compared to others who go for physical activities.

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Poor Health & Obesity

Less movement of couch potatoes leads to poor health and obesity. Chubby kids seem cute, but what if fat goes out of control?

The habit of eating with less physical movement causes various health issues. Such children can’t do any other physical activities and become lazy people in the future.

Less Socialization

A child who grows up by watching screens can’t digest the gathering of people around him/her. Such kids become introverts in the future and do not like to socialize.

According to research, less socialization leads to low self-esteem, shorter lifespan, isolation, etc. Kids with poor self-esteem find it hard to communicate with people. They constantly seek ways to avoid interacting with people.

What Do We Miss?

When dealing with alcoholic addicts, we expect them to undergo several recovery phases such as denial, loss of control, emotional and physical deterioration, etc. Addicts often relapse, and it is normal.

Cell phone addiction is the same. And perhaps, combating screen addiction also requires some time.

Then why do we want our kids to overcome digital addiction over a night?

Most of the parents scold their kids to get off their cell phones and tablets. Nagging is not the solution here. Kids listen to the language of love, and if you try to ask them something forcefully, they will surely take the other route than listening to you. Children with strict parents sneak out and use cell phones. Well, no one wants their child to hide something.

So, instead of using harsh words and hurting your child’s feelings, you must sit with your child and have a friendly chat with him/her. Explain all the cyber dangers that may hurt your kid in any way. Have a detailed conversation and make sure your child understands everything about cyber etiquette.

It’s Time to Learn Some Ways to Grown Up A Toddle in A Normal Environment.

1 – Parents should not use mobile phones when their kids are around. They should spend some quality time with them, which will make their kids happy and keep digital devices away.

2 – Never give a phone or tab to your child until he/she reaches age 2. What does a child need? Parents’ attention and affection. When they get their proper food of love, they will not get attracted to digital devices.

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3 – Growing kids require physical movement for the development of a healthy body. Ensure that you buy the toys that catch the kids’ attention and involve physical activities, such as balls, moving toys, etc.

4 – After age 3, kids get ready for pre-schooling. They must learn basics, such as A, B, C & other poems, etc. Here, the internet plays an important role. Parents can download poems and play them. It will help the kids to learn the basics at their fingertips.

5 – Use YouTube Kids for toddlers as it is safer and purer than adult content. Try to set restricted profiles for kids’ usage only.

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What to Do When Children Use Screens Too Much?

Here, we recommend a spy app for Android like TheWiSpy. Kids often cry when parents take away digital devices from them. When the parents download the android spy app in their tabs or phones, they can lock the screen or set the fixed time.

Early age restrictions on mobile usage will let the kids grow up insecure cyberspace. Parents can restrict access to inappropriate content & sites.

Qualities of Android Spy Apps:

Android spy apps are versatile. Most of the parents question how an Android spy app can help them monitor their kids. Well, spy apps are designed for cell phone/tablet monitoring purposes. It is upon you to use the app legally or illegally.

TheWiSpy app not only allows you to view your kid’s screen usage, but you can also control their online activities.

Here are some of the quality features of Android spyware that can help parents monitor their kids’ screens without letting them know.

Let’s see how an Android spy app can benefit you as a parent.

Monitor Screen Activities:

Parents who think that their kids’ media usage is disruptive must monitor their children’s screen activities. Multiple activities can engage your children online. It may be an online friend who chats with your kid all day long. Perhaps, your kid has a Netflix addiction. Or, it is also possible that your child is addicted to some online game. You can find the real cause of your child’s screen-obsession only by viewing his/her online activities. Android spyware is basically hidden software that imitates the target mobile devices and delivers comprehensive reports on digital activities. You can monitor every movement on your child’s device remotely.

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Get Alerts:

One of the best things about TheWiSpy is that you can miss nothing if you monitor a cell phone using such spyware. Parents can receive instant alerts whenever their kids get a text message, call, or other app notification. It is just like having your kid’s phone in your hands. Spyware apps offer an online dashboard that you can access with either your cell phone or desktop. Be it an online activity or an offline phone call, using the Android spy app, you can get instant alerts on every digital move of your kid’s device.

Track Whereabouts:

Couch potatoes are introverts who have a tiny social circle. Kids can easily get attached to an online friend and can even try to meet them in person. Here, an Android spy app can also save the day because parents can now track their young ones’ whereabouts anytime they want. You can track the GPS location and monitor the location history of any device you wish to monitor. Parents must be more vigilant nowadays because the outside world is not as safe as we think.

Restrict Contacts:

Have you noticed smirks on your child’s face while using cell phones? Well, there must be someone your kid chats with via text messaging or social apps. Having online friends is not bad, but we must know if the person our kid talks to is a genuine being or a sexual predator who is catfishing the child. If you find anyone on your child’s friend list that looks suspicious, you may block that contact immediately. Android spy apps not only enable you to block contacts online, but you can also restrict wrong numbers who call your child to offend them.

Limit App Usage:

Mobile apps are something that engages children, making them screen-obsessed. YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook, PubG, TikTok; these apps have a significant number of users. Your child may have an addiction to a specific app, or perhaps he/she is addicted to multiple apps. Well, if your child has an addiction to mobile apps, it’s time to restrict the app usage. Using Android spyware, you can limit the screen time of your kid, which automatically turns off the target device when the time limit reaches. Make sure you gradually decrease the screen time. If you find an app that can potentially hurt your kid, you can block it immediately with the help of remote commands.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Don’t let your kid be a couch potato using TheWiSpy spy app for Android, and Make them confident!

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