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Modern Millionaires Review – Can it help you launch a lead flipping business?



Modern Millionaires Review

There are two types of people who are looking for ways to earn online income. First, there are the ones who just want a side income or a job where they can work a few hours and earn extra income. But there are others who want to earn six figures or seven figures. The modern millionaires are meant for the second group.

The course and the community are based on one simple method that can help you set up and scale a proper business and that method is lead flipping. 

Lead flipping is not a method invented by The Modern Millionaires guys. Many people and businesses have been doing something similar. In simple words, lead flipping is all about generating leads for local businesses and selling them to the relevant business. 

How do you generate leads?

That is a million dollar question and Modern Millionaires course tries to answer that in detail. It mainly focuses on the ads to generate leads. But that’s just the stepping stone. Once you have started generating and selling leads with the help of methods explained in the course, you are free to generate leads using any additional methods. 

Is Modern Millionaires legit?

It is absolutely legit, as explained in many other modern millionaires reviews out there on the internet. You will also find some negative ones but even those do not declare this a scam. Simply because it is a proper course that provides a lot of valuable information. The only thing against this course is probably the cost or the fact, that you are looking to promote another course.

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What does it cover?

The Modern Millionaires training program comes in several different modules. You will start from foundation and as the name suggests, it will talk about the merits and demerits of starting a lead flipping business. Other than the theory, it also gives some practical information like finding the right niche, which is extremely important because you want to work with businesses that have the budget to pay for leads. You can generate leads for plumbers or window cleaning services but you will find it hard to find enough buyers. On the other hand, there will be plenty of buyers looking for leads like real estate sale or purchase, cosmetic surgery, and so on. 

Finding the client:

The second module is even more important because it talks about prospecting and clients. They will straight away give you more than a hundred niches or businesses that you can choose from. Remember that lead generation will cost you a considerable amount (that you will have to invest on ads) so it is important to take out some time and make sure you have the sellers in the market. And because you should ideally be working in your local market (not a necessity but it will make the communication easier), the right niche can differ from one market to another.

Driving traffic:

There are no leads without traffic and Google or FB ads are easily the quickest method to generate traffic. They could have gone the “SEO” way but that can take ages in producing results. Focusing on ads might increase your upfront cost but you will be able to get things rolling much faster. These are the two most important modules because lead generation will suddenly make you someone who is in demand. 

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The course is on the expensive side so this one is not for the faint-hearted. And that is why, they have deployed an interview system where they will get on a short interview before letting you in. If you have the time and money to invest in the first couple of months, this is worth giving a thought.

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