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Who Is Montana Millz? – Montana Millz Net Worth, Bio, Career, And More



Montana Millz

Did you ever see the one who has a great transformation from being a drug dealer to a star? What is possible? Or for whom we are talking about? Well, if you are a rap fan, then surely this is something you know; yes, you have got us right. We are talking about the extremely talented Montana Millz. So, who is Montana Millz? What is Montana Millz’s net worth? How did he make this journey? What is his career journey? How he got into the immense spotlight is the major question that, being rap lovers, we are looking for. So, without any delay, let’s explore Montana Millz, from his early life to his transition, career, family, and more. Let’s start this exploration!

Before we get into deeper details, let’s first find out the basic information, like who Montana Millz is. If you are new to rap song lovers and have heard about this name and want to explore it aiming to know the exact things, then this section and even the whole article are definitely for you.

Date Of Birth 22 May 1987
Montana Millz Age 36 years
Home town Bronx New York
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Ethnicity American
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Who Is Montana Millz?

Montana Millz, often or fully named Michael Persaud, has been known for his talent and controversies. Well, surely you will be so excited that what’s that, so here we go.

Michael or Montana Millz is a popular rapper known for their extreme rapping skills. The rapper based in America has also been known for songwriting and in the spotlight for his transforming yet emerging entrepreneurship. The Montana Millz was born into the American society in California in a lower-middle-class family and had a rough childhood. Although Monatana has faced a lot in his life, especially in his drug controversies, he remains steadfast and keeps working on his goal. He started his journey debuting with his single “Take It to Stress,” which went viral, and soon, with utmost success, the rapper didn’t stop, and it went on.

That’s a short bio of who exactly Montana Millz is, in case you need to learn about him. However, following in the sections we will discuss his whole career and popular details later. Let’s first explore Montana’s personal life, especially family life and education. Let’s go!!

Who Is Montana Millz

Image Source: Insta @therealmontanamillz

Montana Millz’s Personal Life

However, in his personal life, Montana is very secretive and does open know much about himself or his family. However, there are still things that, being a big follower of Monatna Millz, you would love to explore. So, what’s that? This is something you will be asking. So, here we go!

Monatana Millz Parents & Grand Parents

As we have mentioned above, Montana, although he is secretive is a public figure, the people greatly want to know about his family. Still, he is silent about his parents. Well, he never opens up on anything about his parents or siblings, maybe due to the reason that he wants to keep them out of the limelight and wants to hide. We don’t know. Yet his followers are still so curious to know.

As far as the grandparents are concerned, Montana takes his grandparents’ names in different talks and media presences. He always praises his grandparents, marking them as major players in his life, who play a key role in the good personality he has now and are his biggest supporters. Thus, from all this, we can deduce that Montana was very affectionate yet attached to his grandparents and loved him greatly.

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Montana Millz Wife

Montana always tends to keep his family out of the glam life, and that’s the reason he never talks much about it, even about his wife and children. However, he still, at points, mentions a little about his wife and children. Montana was married to a girl named Justine Persuade. The Justine itself is from the spot industry. She is an Instagram model, entrepreneur, and influencer. They have been together since 2003 and have been known as a happy couple for twenty years, which is lovely.

The relationship in between both is strong and despite all the challenges Montana faces, the two remain together and pass on everything together.

Montana Millz wife

Image Source: Insta @therealmontanamillz

Montana Millz Children

The happy couple has seven children altogether. We are still determining the exact names. Yet this is what we have summoned by checking out Montana’s Instagram profile. Montana often shares pictures of his children. The Montana Milz, however, despite being so busy yet popular, has also been regarded as the happy yet devoted father who prioritizes his dad’s duties love, wishes, and happiness over everything.

The Family Values Of Montana

We have already discussed above about Montana’s secretive behavior and personal life. Well, that is the right of every person, whether they want to share it or not. Yet in different shows, Montana Millz always emphasizes commitment to the relationship, wife, or children and always supports them despite anything. He always focuses on having love in the family, and it always lies with a specific interest in family support as he believes that family support is a major term in any life and has the potential to achieve success.

Thus, this is all we know about Montana’s family life, from his parents to his spouse and the family values he had. We can deduce that he is a total family guy who loves his family. Thus, if you are his supporter, then being the supporter of the Montana mills, you should be proud of his amazing thinking.

As we have discussed Montana’s daily life, let’s examine his educational journey and early life.

Montana Millz Education

The educational details of Montana Millz are hidden, yet it is most said that he has completed his graduation from the University of New York in business and marketing; thus, that’s why he is very good in business.

The Early Life Of Montana Millz

The transformation journey of Montana from being the one to the popular rapper is something that attracts. The overall story of Montana Millz is quite tragic and full of sudden events that revolve around hardships and complete personality transformation. The life of the hip hop star and the rapper is the journey from the drug dealer to the limelight star and the public’s favorite.

Early Life Of Montana Millz

Image Source: Insta @therealmontanamillz

The Rough Childhood And Teenage Life

You may have heard that hardships have the power to change a person and force anyone to do anything; that is the case with Montana. From the very start of his childhood, he has faced a lot of difficulties in terms of finances and more. Most of his teenage life was also spent in it. Thus, with all these hardships and regular traumatic downturns. Montana, in his early life in New York, tired from his daily difficulties, lack of opportunities, and financial stress, gives up on the right amount of income and hence falls into the trap of drugs and professionally starts drug dealing. Even though, at this stage, he knows that the life he has to choose is full of danger, he stays with and has been the drug addict and dealer for a year.

The Drug & The Music

Music is something that the Montana Millz loves and is a fan of. Thus, even though he was a drug dealer, he never left his first love and interest in music, and that music drove him out of the drugs reality. You now might be thinking about how it is possible and more.

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The answer is yes, music may be the reason for all. It is just like that, even though his passion or love for music and rap never stopped, and that is when it gets intense. The Montana Millz finally decided to leave up on its drug trading and started acting in hip hop music or rap, and hence, in this way started his music career.

Setting Himself Free And Oriented

You might have heard the phrase late, but the right decision is better than the wrong one, and this is the same case with Montana. Even though Montana has served in jail for the drugs, he understands the importance of being legit.  Hence, with the drug industry, it was very challenging for him to transform as he was not able to live his whole life as a drug dealer, but he did and made himself successful. Breaking and setting Montana free from drug crime life allows him to grow again.

Well, until we have discussed the early life of the Montana Millz, we have reached the point that it initially took lots of courage. He has a criminal drug past, but still, despite all, Millz is a great person who, with his utmost hard work, has changed his life. You might be thinking, how so? In the following section, we will explore Montana Millz’s career.

The Start Of The Career

As we have discussed, the real career and the initial phase of the Montana millz were challenging and the hardest decision he ever made in Brooklyn. After leaving the drug industry, he finds difficulty even in fulfilling his necessities and up on the roads.

The early phase of the Montana Millz career was very difficult. He started his musical journey on the streets, performing in small crowds in his town or signals. However, with his amazing voice and talent, he emerged as one of the rapers that gets the attention of people around and hence comes into highlights. Moreover, after getting into the highlight, she started coming into free-style vogue battles and to specific appreciation. Soon, with utmost gratitude and the level of his talent, Montana was recognized, and hence, here comes the start of his new career.

The Deeper Phase Of Montana’s Career

The Montana Millz started his pro career by debuting their first single in the industry. The names of his debut songs were Bars Behind Bars and My Love. Both of his songs got praise and went viral, increasing his thrills and craze for the Montana Millz among the public. Soon, his songs went viral, five albums got international recognition, and he was recognized on several Billboard Hot 100 lists. Moreover, he has collaborated with several artists in his career phase.

Now, as we have discussed his career, let’s find the top music list by Montana Millz that, as a fan, you must listen to. So, let’s have a look at it!

The Top Music By Montana Millz

The list of songs is quite long, yet you must listen as every piece has its intensity and beauty. At the same time, most of his sons depict their lyricism and the beats.

The first yet most popular song is My Love on the album, Believe Me, launched in 2020. The song was Millz’s signature song with beautiful rap verses.

The second popular song, I Don’t Care, was released in 2023. The rap is another one of the most popular raps of the Montana Millz career I and Me is a rap song mainly depicting the softer yet kind version of the Montana Millz, defined by selfless, loving music with amazing smooth vocals. It was released back in 2017.

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Worst in Me was released in 2023, featuring the personality Kayla Saga. The rap song reveals the upside down of the relationship and the demons of any nature.

While there are so many more tracks of the Montana Millz, such as the Oh lord of 2017, rapid-fire 2023, The Most Amazing Picture Me Rollin’ of 2022, and more, we have just discussed the most popular ones.

Well, as we know, the popular tracks of Montana, too; thus, if you are a fan, these are the tracks that you must list. Now is the right time to explore his achievements, net worth, and more. Thus, in the following section, we will explore his accomplishments and more, so let’s go!!

Music By Montana Millz

Image Source: Insta @therealmontanamillz

Montana Millz Musical Artist Achievements And Awards

The achievements and awards are the sense of appreciation for any artist. As a brilliant artist with incredible work, Montana has also attracted the people around her. This has achieved lots of praise and awards.

Well, one of his biggest achievements was the list of his five major albums in the Billboard Top 100

However, The Montana Millz has also been considered for the top Grammy nomination in the category for best rap album; thus, this is a challenging thing and is one of his biggest achievements.

Apart from his awards, he has also been invited to several talk shows and got a chance to work in a film.

He has the experience of working with very popular stars in the industry. This includes the Tory Lanez and Ty Dolla $ign.

He is currently known for his business skills in making his business Montana records.

Thus, this is all we know about his awards and achievements. Let’s now explore the Montana millz worth. How much does he earn, and what are his savings? Let’s explore it together.

Montana Millz Net Worth 2023-2024

As far as the net worth of great artists is concerned, Montana Millz has an established net worth of almost $20 million. He earned this Montana millz net worth through his rap music career and the business Montana Records. Surely you will be looking around to find more regarding his net worth and its income division into different aspects.. hence here we are going to analyze Montana Millz’s net worth in parts.

Well, he has earned differently from his different ventures. The sales of the albums. Play a major role in and constitute 40% of the whole worth. While the sales of singles play a 30% role, the record labels hold 20% of the entire network, and last but not least, business investments in his Montana record and the sneakers, as they are new, work 10% for the whole network. Thus, together with this income division, the Montana millz makes up his net worth.

Moreover, adding to his net worth, his top-rated sneakers business has skyrocketed and played a crucial role in the past few years.

Well, now we have discussed the worth, too, let’s find out what Montana Millz’s plans are; being a fan these plans are something you must be looking for.

Montana Millz’s Future Plans

As he grows up, the fans of Montana are highly excited to know about his plans and projects. Well, according to a recent interview, it has been seen that Montana has no plans for slowing down, and he will be working. His ambition is to create more rap songs that bring him to the top 100 billboards and give him international recognition. However, as far as the upcoming project name is concerned, Montana always keeps it secret.

Moreover, in his business journey, Montana plans to extend his business to the clothing line and more to take it to the peak.


You might be thinking of the reasons for Montana Millz’s immense popularity. What’s the reason behind it? So, below, we are going to discuss a few major reasons.

Reasons For The Montana Millz Popularity

Well, there are various reasons for the Montana Millz population

  • The major reason is the extremely hard work of Montana in his initial phase
  • He is very dedicated to his work and takes rap and music as his passion
  • He always ensures that he takes the emotions into his music; thus, whether it is his rap or hip-hop music, there is always something to learn or the story behind it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have discussed everything, from who Montana Millz is to his personal life and career to Montana Millz’s net worth. In this article, you will find everything about being a Montana Millz fan should know.

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