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Rick Springfield Net Worth – Bio, Wiki & More



Rick Springfield

Do you know who Rick Springfield is? Why is he in the spotlight, and why do the people praise him often? Did you ever wonder how he is considered a rich person? What is the source of the earnings? These are the fundamental question that comes into mind when we first hear the name Rick Springfield’s net worth. Well, these are genuine queries that a human would ask.

Thus, considering your reader’s interest, we have decided to give out our deep analysis of Rick Springfield, exploring all the major details of who he is, his life aspects, and his worth in terms of lavish lifestyle and money. Isn’t it so crazy? Of course, it’s and will be so fun. So, without any delays, let’s start exploring the Rick Springfield!

However, we will first start with the major question of who Rick Springfield is. Now, that we have heard his name, we will be curious to know who he is, so in the first section, we will discuss mainly the other relevant aspects.

Who is Rick Springfield?

Rick Springfield is one of the oldest and most famous musicians. The dual-talented artist, singer, and songwriter is an Australian-American musician and actor along with national and has been known across the globe for his outstanding works that have put him in the spotlight till now.

Moreover, apart from singing, the artist has also been seen in films playing the actor’s role and melting the audience’s hearts. Until now, he has made millions of fans crazy for him. Some are obsessed with his songs, while others focus on his acting skills. Indeed, you will think of what’s so special in his songs that they have so much on.

Who is Rick Springfield

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So, Rick Springfield’s primary popularity is his super hit music ‘Jessie’s Girl‘, which was released back in 1980. The song is the oldest in the industry, but it still has a great fan-following group who loves it.

While as far as reason is concerned. The song Jessie’s Girls mainly revolves around the emotions of one side of love, which most of the listeners could relate to.

Moreover, Ricky has also gained so much popularity in his acting career. Rick Springfield’s fantastic role play in the soap series The General Hospital was the most hit yet one of Rick’s best acts and gave him so much popularity.

We now understand who Rick Springfield is, what is rick springfield height, weight and his brief overview of popularity. Let’s now explore Rick’s early life, which most fans would want to explore. So, let’s go!

Early life

The Richard Lewis springthorpe, often called Rick Springfield in short, is an Australian native. He was born on the 13th of August 1949 in Sydney, Australia. The singer holds the astrological star of Leo. He was born into a middle-class yet decent family, where his father was from a Scottish background, and his mother was pure white Australian; thus, he had Scottish and Australian blood altogether.

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Well, as far as his family life is concerned, most of Rick’s upbringing was spent in relocations as Rick’s father was the LT colonel and spent all his life in the Australian army. Thus, most of the time, he suffered from the relocation due to the military base change and more.

However, from the very start, Rick developed a strong feeling and interest in music; thus, at 13, he officially started learning music. At 13, he declared his interest to his parents and started learning guitar. After that, a young boy with a great interest in music became a superstar with his full-scale hard work and education.


Rick stopped his education; in between, he went to high school and graduated from Ashwood High School. After graduating from high school, he was admitted to the Mc Kinnon Secondary College, where there was a conflict of information; some sources marked that he was dropped from college, while others marked that he had completed his graduation. Thus, this is all we know about Rick Springfield’s education.

Family life

Although Rick’s family life is excellent from the outside with great joy, the inner deep facts will shock you. Rick Springfield in his real life, due to family problems, gets into depression. Thus, Rick Springfield age 17, Rick has tried to commit suicide.

Rick’s relationship history was also very controversial. He started his first relationship at 15 with a girl named Linda Blair. However, it was a short-term relationship and soon ended. Rick, however, kept himself away from any relationship after Linda broke up and got married to the love of his life. He tied the knot with Barbara Porter at the age of 35 in 1984. They both hold a great couple together. The social media praises the couple a lot.

Soon after the marriage, the couple was blessed with two cute sons.

Rick’s early life and career


From the beginning, Rick has been seen working hard and struggling to achieve his goal of becoming a big singer. In his career when he was just a teenager, he attended various talent shows, especially the talent shows held by different bands in the UK and Australia.

As a result of his hard work in 1969, the hard work paid off and he joined the band Zoot. The Zoot was thus the first band he was going to work with. He worked with them on a significant song “Think Pink and Think Zoot.” This song was just fine, yet successfully, Rick got great successful successful in gaining the attention of the viewers and got inspired by this teenager and rocking nature. However, Rick later 1971 left the band and decided to get on his solo career music.

The Memoir

In his early life, back in 2010, Rick on the television show opened up about discussing the suicidal thoughts he had. However, he further extended his empathy to Cornel and Williams. Moreover, with this breaking, he wrote a memoir named The Late Night. This memoir became very popular and reached a new level. It was listed at the 13th number on the best seller list of the New York Times. However, the memoir also secured the 23rd position in the year’s top 25 memoirs. Thus, with all this, Rick Springfield became so popular.

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Now we have discussed the Rick Springfield field, personal life, and starting career aspects. Let’s explore more about his career and work that, being a fan, you will love, so let’s go!!


The First Solo Career Of USA

After leaving Zoot, the talented singer took a solo trip to the USA, where his first singles, “Speak to the Sky” and “Beginnings,” also his debut album, went viral. Thus 1972, with both his successful hits, he got on the solo journey and signed with the label Columbia Records back in 1973. However, the release with Columbia Records was not a big hit and turned out to be a disappointment and a setback in Rick’s life.

Thus, with a heavy heart of disappointment, Richard Springfield decided to take a break from singing and give himself a chance at acting.

Rick Springfield and acting career

His first acting role was in Mission Magic in 1974. After his excellent acting performance, Universal Studios signed him to the starring main role in the two major TV series “The Young and the Restless” and “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Both of the series were highly successful

The acting did not stop there. He kept working in the acting department and got significant recognition for his role in the series General Hospital, released in 1984. He has also played essential roles in High Tide, hard to Hold, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, True Detective, and more. He has also been nominated for various awards for his incredible acting career.

Thus, it isn’t wrong to mark his acting career as a success!

However, despite having a successful acting career, Rick never found his first love in acting, as music was his only first love and hence, he again started his music journey side by side.

Rick and his pro music career

Rick Springfield, after a downfall, returned to the music world in 1981 in collaboration with the RCA record-released album “Working Class Dog, “which even included his best popular hit song, “Jessie’s, Girl,” which turned the table for him in the music career.

The Jessie Girl song went insanely viral, with people falling in love with it and getting recognition at international awards.

Thejessie’s Girl song was one of the top Billboard Hottest 100 list. Moreover, Rick for his fantastic song, has also received a solo grammary award. While the song track got trendy, it was also ranked as the 5th most listened-to music of the year.

Not only this, but he also worked on different projects that indirectly brought lots of popularity and credit to his name after Jessie.

After reading this all, especially about Jessie’s Girl, you will be so excited to find out what his other popular hits are apart from Jessie’s Girl. Thus, we will discuss it below. Let’s have a look!

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Rick Springfield and the popular music hits

There is an array of super-hit musical tracks by Rick Springfield that attract the people around. These song tracks vary from Glee 1010 to the Success Has Not Spoiled Me Yet of 1982. However, he has long worked and offers a great vibe to the listeners of his song Living in Oz, which was released in 1983 and has also received a nomination for a Grammy.

Rick Springfield and the popular music hits

Reason of popularity

The overall reason for Rick Springfield’s popularity is his exclusive works that bring him the spotlight. From the start, Richard has worked hard to achieve the dreams he always had in his teenage life. The rick also plays a significant role in his spotlight.

With so much popularity, Rick Springfield has earned a lot and a considerable worth. Thus, we will discuss all about Rick Springfield’s net worth in the section below. Let’s go!!

Rick Springfield’s Net worth

Rick Springfield has worked so hard all his life, so the Rick Springfield net worth must be considerable. According to the new estimate, Rick’s net worth will be around $10-12 million. He has earned $5 million out of his musical career, $2 million from acting, and the remaining $3 million in real state investments. Moreover, apart from this, the rick also has a collection of cars and real estate. Below, we will discuss it too:

Rick’s real estate

Rick, however, knows the importance of having real estate investments; thus, he has invested $3 million of his net worth into the property. Well, one of the most impressive investments he has made is purchasing the Lavender Hill farm. This farmhouse is mainly located in Malibu, yet it is a great place with luxurious living and excellent resale value.

Well, his real estate interest doesn’t stop here. He has also bought a new home in Malibu and different properties, considering properties his interest.


Rick Springfield has achieved many awards in his whole career and got an array of praises from the people and his fellow mates that made him famous in the musical industry.

Yet he has received various awards. His first award was the Garmmay Award in recognition of the vocal treat for male rock. However, he also became the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2014. Apart from these two has also received various other rewards, such as American Music awards or MTIV Music Away. Rick Springfield thus has a variety of accomplishments.

Rick’s plans

Rick Springfield is now 74 years old, yet he is still into music. He is currently on a solo trip and is going to have 16 upcoming concerts in the USA in 2024. Rick, however, has never given up on his plans, yet he would like to be in music until the end.

Wrap up

Rick Springfield, the famous yet talented singer and songwriter, has been considered the industry’s oldest yet most talented singer. The article above has discussed everything about Rick Springfield, from Rick Springfield net worth to his personal life and career to his educational aspects. We have tried our best to cover all the elements.

So that you can get all the information you want to explore about him in one place; however, after discussing all about Rick Springfield, we can conclude that Richard, often known as Rick, had a rough early life where he spent a lot of time in depression. However, he still worked hard on his interests, and with consistency and dedication, he received all he wanted. The people around him still love his work.

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