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Motosas: Protecting Vehicles, Promoting Brands – The Solution to Car Theft Epidemic




In the era of competition, vehicle theft rates are at their peak. There is a need for an anti-theft solution. Motosas clears the problem and provides the best solution. Let us clear the raising question What is Motosas? It acts as a game changer. It provides a wide variety of unique anti-theft products. It also allows you to personalize with your company name and logo. These products not only protect your vehicles but also serve as promotional giveaways to new clients. Let us discuss how it is helpful for people and insurance companies, and how it gives your brand a marketing with its customized services.

Get to Know Motosas

The Family Background

Motosas isn’t just a random brand; it’s part of the big Personalise Online family. Think of it like a cool cousin who knows a lot about making things look awesome. Personalise Online has been around since 2006, creating and personalizing items for the media and cosmetic industries. Motosas was born when our family noticed that cars, especially keyless ones, were disappearing too often. We decided it was time to do something about it!

Our Promise to You

At Motosas, our superpower is excellent service. We work with you to make sure you get the best gadgets and that they look exactly how you want them. Our team keeps you in the loop about your order, and if you ever need advice, we’re here to help. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Protecting Your Investment, Promoting Your Brand

Motosas is a brand name by personalize online, providing innovative products to promote your brand.

Products By Motosas

Motosas offers a product AntiRFID theft wallets, made up of leather. The Metropolitan Police endorse it and provide a simple mechanism to reduce keyless car thefts. This wallet isolates the RF signals, protecting thieves from gaining access to a vehicle. These wallets are customized with your brand name. These are the qualities of Motosas products.

  • Stylish leather design
  • Universal Design
  • Customizable with your brand name
  • Bespoke designs and colors are available on request.


Motosas offers personalized service, that enables you to get fully branded anti-theft products with your logo or message. From single-color logo and text to full-color printing and embossing services. Motosas ensures your brand is prominently featured on these high-quality, effective devices. These are the features related to the customization

  • Single-color logo and text
  • Multi-color logo and text
  • Embossing services
  • Single/double-sided personalization is available.

Vehicle theft and Insurers – The facts

The following facts are given about Vehicle Theft and Insurers.

  • 42% of stolen vehicles are not recovered
  • New technology makes it easier for criminals to target vehicles
  • In 2018, UK vehicle theft surged by 56%, with a specific increase in keyless car theft.
  • Negative impacts on insurance companies by rising car thefts
  • Insurers raise premiums to cover losses at risk of pricing themselves out of the market.

The Not-So-Great Facts

Cars sometimes vanish without a trace, and that’s not fun at all. Did you know that 42% of stolen cars are never found? That’s a lot! Car theft rates are jumping up, especially with new technology making it easier for bad guys to grab cars without even touching them. Keyless cars are like magnets for these tech-savvy thieves.

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Making Cars Super Safe

Imagine if your car had a superhero cape. Well, it can’t really have a cape, but it can have a Motosas anti-theft device. These things are like magical shields that stop bad guys from stealing your car. We all know that losing a car is like losing a friend. Motosas devices make sure your four-wheeled friend stays right where you parked it.

Benefitting Insurers

Insurance companies want to help you when mishaps occur to your vehicles, but they also want to keep their prices low. Raising car theft rates makes insurance more expensive for everyone. Motosas anti-theft devices are little helpers for insurance companies. If fewer cars get stolen, they save money, and that means they can keep prices normal for everyone.

Motosas Solutions

Insurance companies didn’t have to worry about so many cars stolen because of Motosas devices. Motosas is here to make sure everyone’s cars stay safe and insurance stays affordable.

Helping Insurance Companies

You know those companies that help your car when it’s not feeling well? Well, Motosas has these really cool gadgets that stop thieves. They work together with insurance companies to give these gadgets to new customers as a nice extra or as gifts to current customers when they renew their insurance. It’s great for everyone! People feel happy because it’s like a special gift while making sure no one messes with their cars.


Think of Motosas like your car’s superhero. They have got cool devices that don’t cost much but keep car thieves away. These gadgets also make your brand famous. Imagine your logo on a slick wallet that even impresses the Metropolitan Police! It’s not just about stopping theft, it is also about making a lasting impression.

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Motosas helps insurance companies save money, so your premiums stay low. They’re not just a brand they are all about safety, affordability, and adding your style. They promise to protect your car, amp up your look, and save you some cash. From their cool key fob wallet to personalized branding, Motosas is here to make your life simpler and your car safer.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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