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What Are Car Thieves Looking For?



Car Thieves

According to the Insurance Information Institute and the FBI, car theft is a multibillion-dollar crime, with the cost of stolen vehicles estimated to be around $7.4 billion in 2020 alone, with an average theft costing $9,166.

If you believe that your Honda, Sedan, or Toyota is safe from theft because car thieves prefer expensive vehicles such as Lamborghini or BMW, then you are gravely mistaken.


The Victims of Car Thefts

Car thieves are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Because of market demand, the most common cars will undoubtedly have the largest spare parts market, which is why such vehicles are targeted.

Vehicles are usually stolen for spare parts. A high percentage of the 181,000 stolen vehicles in California in 2020 were recovered, according to the California Highway Patrol, but only 63.6% were recovered intact and drivable, while 3.1% were missing major components, 24.6% were burned or wrecked, and 8.6% were stripped of minor parts.

Tips To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

The majority of car thefts are preventable and avoidable, such as making sure that you do not leave the door open or keys or fobs in the vehicle. Furthermore, car thieves have gotten more technologically adept in recent years, they know how to replace vehicle identifying numbers and use smart keys to steal cars.

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This means that you must be alert and protect your property. Here are some measures to keep your vehicle  from being stolen:

Never Leave Your Keys In The Car

The number one rule to prevent car theft is to never leave your car keys in the ignition. This is an open invitation to any car thief just to break a window and drive away with your car. Thanks to technological advancement, many car keys come with anti-theft technology that prevents robbers from stealing a car without a key.

If by accident, you do leave your car keys inside and the door gets locked, you can always call 24-hour emergency locksmiths. They will meet you at your location and unlock your car door, ensuring your car is safe and sound.

Moreover, never leave a spare key in the car as well. We know that getting locked out and waiting for a locksmith is not your plan for the day, but car thieves know where to look for a spare key.

Never Leave Your Door Or Windows Opened

The first step in ensuring your car doesn’t get stolen is always checking and closing the doors when you get out of the car. This should be a habit. Similarly, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) suggests keeping your car windows closed. Otherwise, thieves will have full access to your car and can take any spare parts they want.

Park In Well-Lit Spaces

Be smart about where you park. For example, never park in poorly lit areas or spaces not immediately seen by passersby. Why? Because car thieves take all this information into account when stealing a car. Thus, always park near your home or in a well-lit parking space. Install LED lights outside your home or on your street if it stays dark and vacant.

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Install A Tracking And Anti-Theft Device

If you want complete control over the situation, your best bet is to install an anti-theft device. These devices include an alarm system, a steering wheel lock, or a window etching. They are enough to prevent or deter car thieves.

You can also install a tracking or recovery system in your car. Thus, if your car does get stolen, you can use GPS to track its location and recover it safely.


Car theft may not be as widespread as it once was, but it still occurs on a national scale. As a result, car owners must take necessary preventive measures to guarantee that their vehicle is not stolen. As a car owner, you need to be cautious, follow the advice given above, and invest in tracking systems. We hope this post was helpful.

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