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How to Get a ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look



No Makeup Makeup Look

Want to get a simple “No-Makeup Makeup Look,” to enhance your natural beauty using the subtle application of products? Here is a simple, 10-minute makeup routine that will give you a flawless natural complexion and boost your confidence. Perfecting the ultimate “no makeup” look is possible without the help of a pro makeup artist. Follow along to achieve this magic act, minimal yet presentable.


Skin Prep

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Getting a flawless-looking complexion is all about how you prep your skin. The key is to get hydrating and illuminating skin beforehand. Starts off with Cleansing your face first, applying facial serum afterward moisturizing. For oily skin, opt for a lightweight formula, while if you have dry skin, reach for one that’s a little richer.


Runny, creasy makeup gives out dramatic vibes. The easiest way to get a smooth base is to apply a blemish-blurring, firming primer. Usually, primers are a bit drying, so moisturizing primers work well for dry skin. Before carrying on with your makeup give your primer 2 minutes to sit in.

Apply Foundation

For a “no makeup” makeup look a light coverage glowing foundation is preferred. For smooth skin the texture or color of the foundation must be spot on. BB or CC creams are available by most brands for creating “no makeup” makeup look.


It’s time to cover up the imperfections. For areas like around your nose, under eyes or other kinds of blemishes use concealer for extra coverage. In order to prevent baking or intense highlighting dot concealer under your eyes blend it by using a finger or beauty blender. Mixing concealer with eye serum works wonders for your skin by diluting it and giving it a natural look.

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Cream everything

Use a cream eyeshadow and blend it with a finger giving out a little messy unpolished, casual got the ready look. Use a cream bronzer warming your complexion and cream blush for a natural flush giving out a dewy look.

Brows & Lashes

For a perfect set of brows Use a clean spoolie brush for eyebrows and slightly fill in your brows. For eyelashes, to avoid clumping just brush through the tips of your lashes to enhance the length and boom! Supernatural eyelashes.

Popsicle Lips

Finish your “no makeup” makeup look with a tinted lip gloss or a Vaseline, giving off a pop of color brightening up your face. Apply nude subtle lipstick on the inner portion of your lips to make it natural yet pouty. Set everything with a setting spray and make sure to get that setting spray to dry down. And with that perfect pout, you are good to go!

With that being said it’s all about having a flawless base and making sure your skin is looking like your skin but better and your natural self-shines through.

Editors tip

A tight bass ponytail or a bun with “no makeup” make up looks gives an uplifting appearance to your face giving a good first impression.

Fall in love with the best version of you

A natural makeup look enhances your favorite features by highlighting them a little more. Few makeup tricks mentioned above are all it takes to get your “no makeup” make up look. As it is said, less is more, and it’s true. Read the blog to find out how to shine your natural beauty by doing a subtle look bringing out the best version of you.

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