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Open Kitchen Renovation if you have a Closed-off Small Kitchen



Open Kitchen Renovation

Although most houses have open layouts, there are still houses with closed-off kitchens, and one of the challenges with a closed-off kitchen is the limited space it provides. If you feel that your kitchen is too limiting for your family, then it’s time for a renovation project. By converting your closed-off kitchen to an open kitchen, you can maximise your space and create a roomier area where you can enjoy a meal with your family. This article will give you some open kitchen renovation ideas you can explore.


Use a kitchen island to separate the kitchen from your dining area

Closed-off kitchens rarely have islands because a kitchen island takes up too much space, and this is an excellent opportunity to incorporate a kitchen island into your renovations. You can place a kitchen island on the space where the wall separating your kitchen from your dining area used to be.

What’s great about this idea is it provides you with an additional surface where you can prepare meals while acting as a partition separating your kitchen from your dining area. Draftsman often opt for a kitchen island with drawers and built-in cabinets to add storage options to your kitchen.

Install a breakfast nook

Adding a breakfast nook is another idea you can explore when converting your closed-off kitchen to an open kitchen. A breakfast nook is multi-functional and is an excellent investment during renovations. It gives you more space where you can prepare meals for your family. A breakfast nook is also a perfect space for informal dining with your family. It helps you save time because it is smaller and easier to clean than when you use your dining area.

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A breakfast nook is also a multi-purpose area you can use for more than just eating meals. Your children can use the breakfast nook to study. It gives you the perfect opportunity to supervise them while they complete their homework while you prepare meals. You can also use the breakfast nook as an informal work desk while working at home if you don’t have a home office.

Install a diner cubicle

If you want a unique kitchen, why not include a diner cubicle on your next home renovation project? This is an excellent opportunity if you’re going to give your kitchen character and make it stand out.

A diner cubicle can act as your informal dining area when it’s just you and your family dining at home. It’s a great alternative to a breakfast nook because it lets you face other family members so you can interact while taking meals.

To make your diner cubicle multi-functional, you can have pull-up seats that can conceal storage spaces so your dining cubicle can double as a makeshift pantry that can help increase your kitchen storage space.

Combine your kitchen with your dining area

This is the most common design when converting a closed-off kitchen and provides the most extra space for homeowners. Instead of having a partition that separates the kitchen and the dining area, you can have an open layout with the kitchen seamlessly flowing into the dining area.

What’s great about this option is you get to maximise space and create a kitchen and dining area that lets you move freely. It also makes your house look roomier because there are no partitions to break the line of sight.

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One option you can explore to make your open kitchen unique is to use different flooring materials for the kitchen and dining areas. The different floor materials will act as subtle separators indicating which area is the kitchen and the dining area. Porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles are excellent options for your kitchen because they are durable and waterproof. You can use natural wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring depending on your budget and the overall look you want to achieve.

One of the challenges in having an open kitchen is preventing odour from spilling into your dining area and the rest of your home. You can remedy this by installing a glass wall that gives an illusion of continuity while confining odour to your kitchen. Another option is to establish a sliding glass door that you can open when you’re done cooking to create an open kitchen. Both options occupy minimal space, so you’re not wasting space. On top of this, a glass partition works well with any home design, so there’s no need to worry about it ruining your overall home design.

The final word

An open kitchen is more practical for homeowners, especially with a growing family. It allows you to maximise your dream space and provides more opportunities to interact with your family. It can also help make your house look roomier and help update the look of your home. If you want to convert your closed-off kitchen to an open kitchen, work with a home design expert so you can have an open kitchen that makes your home more liveable and serves the needs of your family.

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