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OSRS How to Obtain the Voidwalker



OSRS Voidwalker

As a player, you are undoubtedly drawn to the allure of legendary items that bolster your arsenal and stand as emblems of your gaming powers. The Voidwaker, a weapon of mythical status in OSRS, epitomizes such ambition and is one of the top-ranking spec weapons together with the dragon claws.

History of the Voidwaker

The Voidwaker’s origins are deeply entrenched in the rich lore of OSRS, particularly following the pivotal Wilderness Bosses Remake. This update is a milestone in the game’s evolution, revitalizing the formidable bosses residing in the Wilderness and infusing new life and challenges into this perilous territory. The introduction of the Voidwaker in this context was more than just a mere addition of a new weapon; it symbolized a new pinnacle of achievement and power in the game’s universe. The weapon’s components, drawn from the most fearsome bosses of the Wilderness, are steeped in the lore of their origin, each carrying a fragment of the history and essence of these legendary adversaries. Each of the three Voidwaker pieces is dropped by one of the group Wilderness bosses and their solo-able counterparts at a much lower rate. You have a 1 in 360 chance to get a piece from the group boss and 1 in 912 from their lower counterparts.

Voidwaker Special Attack

The Voidwaker’s special attack, once the weapon is fully assembled, is a testament to its formidable nature. This unique ability inflicts significant damage on your foes and has additional effects that can turn the tide of battle. Utilizing this special attack effectively can distinguish you in both PvE and PvP scenarios, making the Voidwaker a weapon to be feared and respected.

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You will find the Voidwaker’s special Disrupt attack to be a remarkable asset in your OSRS endeavors. This attack, consuming 50% of your special attack energy, guarantees Magic damage ranging from 50-150% of your maximum melee hit. Notably, this particular attack also earns you Magic experience, calculated similarly to that gained from powered staves.

Disrupt is especially advantageous due to its dependable medium to high damage output. In PvP scenarios, it serves as a reliable tool for delivering finishing blows. This makes it an excellent complement to other high-damage special attack weapons like the Armadyl or ancient Godsword, dragon claws, or granite maul, mainly because of its special attack energy cost.

In PvM settings, the Voidwaker shines against foes with high Defense and low to medium Hitpoints. Think of adversaries such as the Kalphite Queen, various God Wars Dungeon bosses, and Phosani’s Nightmare. In these situations, weapons like dragon claws might inflict less damage on average, and strategies focused on reducing Defence prove less effective.

However, since Disrupt deals Magic damage, its effectiveness is somewhat diminished against opponents with Magic damage resistance. Examples include players using Protect from Magic or facing the Great Olm’s melee claw. Conversely, it inflicts full damage against the Corporeal Beast, making it a versatile weapon for various combat situations.

Its utility extends to challenging enemies such as Adamant dragons, Ancient Wyverns, and Mithril dragons, where its devastating impact is a game-changer. The versatility of this special attack also makes the Voidwaker the weapon of choice in diverse scenarios, including solo battles, complex boss fights like K’ril Tsutsaroth and even nuanced strategies such as the TzHaar Fight Cave and Tombs of Amascut.

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Voidwaker Blade

You will need to engage with Calvar’ion or Vet’ion for the Blade. Your journey to forge the Voidwaker commences with pursuing its blade, a task that leads you to confront either Calvar’ion or Vet’ion. Each adversary offers a distinct challenge. Facing Calvar’ion is a trial of your strategic powers and combat adaptability. Known for its swift and arcane assaults, this foe demands that you be agile and resilient. Anticipating and countering its magical barrages will test your skill and determination. Vet’ion presents an endurance test characterized by its formidable defense and robust physical attacks. Arm yourself with sturdy gear and a tactical mindset, as you must outmaneuver and outlast this mighty adversary.

The battle with Vet’ion is not just a fight; it’s a chess match requiring patience and strategic acumen. Always bring a Vigora or ursine Chainmace when facing him and if you bring a Firecape, remember to use a parchment on it beforehand. Both bosses are very lucrative and will bring you a lot of OSRS gold on top of the Voidwaker Blade when you’re lucky.

Voidwaker Hilt

To obtain the hilt, you will need to confront Callisto or Artio. The acquisition of the Voidwaker Hilt involves challenging either Callisto or Artio, each presenting a unique combat experience. As you face Callisto, the colossal bear, brace yourself for a clash of brute force. This encounter is a true test of your defensive capabilities, necessitating top-tier armor and a substantial stock of healing resources. He is rather hard to solo, so the best strategy is to be with a group. Artio requires a different approach, demanding quick thinking and flexibility as a solo player. This foe’s unpredictable attack patterns call for on-the-fly strategic adjustments, making this battle a dynamic and thrilling experience.

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Voidwaker Gem

Securing the Voidwaker Gem entails triumphing over either Venenatis or Spindel. The spider boss Venenatis is infamous for its devastating ranged attacks and trapping abilities. Your agility and offensive consistency will be key in overcoming its snares and onslaughts. Battling Spindel is a test of your perceptiveness and reaction speed. For either boss, it is crucial to step away from the sticky webs on the ground as they deplete your prayer points and run energy and observe their attack patterns since they will shoot 8 times with range and 8 times with magic, making you alternate between protect from missiles and protect from magic.

Skills Needed

To obtain the Voidwaker, you must refine your combat skills to their utmost potential. Each boss presents different challenges, necessitating a well-rounded combat skill set. Enhancing your Prayer will also afford you significant advantages in these demanding battles.

Where to Put the Pieces Together

After securing the blade, hilt, and gem, you must forge them into the Voidwaker. Assembling the Voidwaker is as simple as searching for the OSRS gold price. You will find Madam Sikaro, a distinguished Guthixian mage, within the Ferox Enclave Dungeon. She offers a unique service: the reassembly of the Voidwaker. Should you avail of her skills, please provide her with the essential components of the Voidwaker – the blade, hilt, and gem. Additionally, a fee of 500,000 coins is necessary for her services.

Where is the Voidwaker Best

Once assembled, the Voidwaker excels in high-level PvE scenarios, particularly against challenging bosses where its unique capabilities can be fully utilized. It is also a formidable weapon in PvP, offering a balance of strength and versatility that can give you an edge in combat. The Voidwaker is the rank 1 spec weapon against the following monsters and bosses.

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