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Semion Kronenfeld: An Overview of the U.S. Commercial Property Market



U.S. Commercial Property Market

As a whole, the year of 2021 was a tumultuous one for the U.S. commercial property market. Between the ongoing economic effects of the pandemic and the resulting impacts on the retail and professional real estate markets, the commercial and industrial property markets have begun to see growth over the past several years.

Industry professionals, such as Semion Kronenfeld, are aware of how important it is to keep up with the latest trends in all facets of Canada’s real estate market when making accurate and informed conclusions about the next move forward. They use their experience and wisdom in the field, as well as their ability to extrapolate from existing data, to make valuable predictions for the future.


The Effects of Online Commerce

One of the biggest factors contributing to the rising success of the commercial property market in the U.S. is the balance being established between the dependence of the public on online commerce and the desire of the general population to return to a dependency on in-person events, goods, and services.

After the full-scale takeover of online commerce over the course of the pandemic, with people being unable to visit major sources of commerce anywhere but digitally and many physical locations shutting down, now that the air is clearing and the world is returning to normal, more and more people are reaching out to integrate physical real estate back into the commercial market.

A Hybrid Work Environment

In a similar vein to that of the return of physical commerce along with the prevalence of online commerce, another major element boosting the commercial property market in the U.S. is the emergence of a hybrid work environment as the world continues to bounce back from the all-or-nothing work from home environment of the pandemic.

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After seeing the past few years limit the majority of the American workforce to the confines of their home in accordance with quarantine requirements, now that these restrictions are being lifted, a new middle ground is being established between working in commercial or office buildings and contributing from the comfort of home.

Opportunities of Infrastructure

With the professional landscape of the U.S. back in full force, the lasting effects of the recent work from home reality continue to weave their way into the commercial market, creating new opportunities for infrastructure in the realm of commercial and industrial real estate as the world advances towards a new hybrid era of the professional sector.

As a veteran of both North America’s professional landscape and its real estate market, SemionKronenfeld is at the forefront of adapting to this change and incorporating this new way of living into the commercial property market, one project at a time.

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