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Using Patches as a Brand Marketing Strategy



Patches as a Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing is, contrary to what some of us may think at times, not complicated at all. The first mistake one may make is to start thinking in big terms, coming up with complicated projects that you can’t see the results of soon.

And like that, it’s easy to create strategies that are nothing short of disappointing. We need to see results. We want to tell whether something’s working or not.

That’s why some of the best brand strategies are those that use simple tactics, or that effectively utilize what resources or products you already have to carry out an admittedly basic yet very effective strategy.

4incustompatch can help you achieve this by providing high-quality custom patches that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them to add a touch of personality to your company uniforms or as giveaways at trade shows and events. They are also a cost-effective way to reach your target market.


Using Patches as a Brand Marketing Strategy

In this section, we’ll cover how to use patches as a brand marketing strategy, as well as the benefits of using patches as a brand marketing strategy.

How to use patches as a brand marketing strategy

We talked about using existing resources to put a strategy in motion. And that’s what patches do best: you stick them on already existing products, and there you go. Effective branding that will immediately make your product stand out.

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Using patches on your products only really works on certain types of items. Clothing is the most obvious item, but patches can also be attached to accessories such as backpacks, flags, and all other kinds of items that people use in their daily life.

The most effective way of using patches for your business is to use them on clothing for your employees. Patches will make them stand out, and build up your brand’s image. Whenever a customer sees an employee that is wearing one of your company’s patches, the image of your company immediately goes up.

Because at the end of the day, subconsciously, to wear a company’s logo is to endorse it. And that is actually a big deal. We wear logos all day every day, but these are things that we paid for. To do so for a company that we work for has a very different impact on people. It is a different type of endorsement.

It’s also been shown that wearing branded clothing boosts your employee’s morale. And there is a big difference between a patch-sporting employee with a gloomy face and one who’s clearly happy: people catch on to that. It is the equivalent of a thousand 5-star reviews.

This tactic can also apply to customers. By giving out patches to customers, you are unlocking sponsor potential. While it is not sure that each customer that gets a patch will use it, the effect of an actual customer sporting your patches on their clothing or items is much greater than that of an employee doing it. It implies the free will of supporting, or endorsing, your brand as a humble customer. That has enormous power.

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Giving out patches can be done in social events or company events, as it can be done as gifts when customers purchase your products or services. People love free things, and patches are one hell of a freebie!

Benefits of using patches as a marketing strategy

  • They’re easy to use.

Both for you and the customer. Patches don’t require a lot of planning, so they’re one of the most convenient strategies out there! For customers, they’re also very easy. Be sure to purchase patches that can easily be attached to clothing – sew-on patches, for example, might require too much work.

  • They’re inexpensive

If you’ve sought out brand marketing consultants, you know just how expensive it can get. Patches, however, are an easy strategy that you can carry out within your own company, not even needing more than one person in charge of it.

Plus, the more your purchase, the cheaper it gets. As far as marketing goes, this is one of the cheapest strategies right now.

  • They’re fun

Customers and employees alike will appreciate patches. Patches are very fun to use and can be used to embellish clothing, or even to hide tears and other such things in clothing. Just take a look at people who already use a lot of patches—they’re nothing short of a hobby. That’s how fun they can be.


Inexpensive, uncomplicated, and fun to use: patches seem to be, by all standards, one of the best brand marketing strategies that you can make use of right now. So don’t wait around, and start using patches to prop up your brand!

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