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The Trick to a Perfect Work-Life Balance



Work-Life Balance

Finding the perfect work-life balance is tough. You want to succeed in your career but you also need to make time for family and friends. On top of that, you want to spend time focusing on your hobbies and passions. It’s a complete minefield. This guide will teach you how to find the perfect work-life balance.

Play to your strengths

Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. If you’re terrible at public speaking but great at group tasks, volunteer for the group project instead of trying to prepare for the presentation. The balance will be there if you play to your strengths. Don’t waste time on things that are not important for your job or goals – spend more time on the things that are important. When you do this, not only will you perform better in your job but you’ll also have more time to focus on other aspects of life that are important to you.

Prioritize your time

If you don’t feel as if you have time for everything, prioritize what is important to you. If your family is important to you, make sure you have time for them. No matter how busy you get, try and always have time for the people that mean a lot to you. If your job is important to you, make sure it’s one of your top priorities – this means doing what’s needed to ensure that your job is secure and remains as interesting and challenging as possible. Give attention to the things that mean a lot to you, even if they don’t bring in large sums of money or provide job security. You have to make time for what matters most to you.

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Reduce your outgoings

Figure out what you can do to reduce your outgoings. You could switch phone providers or energy suppliers. If you drive, find ways to save on fuel – such as carpooling or taking public transport whenever possible. If you have an expensive car, consider selling it at We Buy Exotics and opting for something cheaper. The less money you need to make, the less time you have to spend working.

Know your peaks and troughs

If you know when your work is busiest and when it’s quiet, you can plan accordingly. For example, if you work during peak hours (9am to 5pm) then schedule other activities for the afternoon and evening. Also, try to manage your workload so that there are no ridiculously busy times that leave you with no time to do anything else. If you know when your work is hectic, get everything out of the way before those times in order to ensure there’s less stress and more time for yourself afterward.

Plot some personal time

If you plan and schedule in personal time, it will be easier to spend the time doing what you want to. If your diary is full of social events, work commitments, and family obligations, it can become difficult to schedule in personal time. As well as increasing your achievements at work, scheduling some personal time can help to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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