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How to Pick the Right Cricket Helmets?



Pick the Right Cricket Helmets

Playing cricket can fill your life with fun and excitement. It does not mean to forget about your security. For this reason, you should have a cricket helmet in your cricket bag. The right helmet is necessary to decrease the chances of head injury. For this reason, cricketers take extra precautions while purchasing helmets.

A helmet should fit correctly to your head. Its design should follow safety standards. Here are some important considerations to pick the right cricket helmets.

Material of Cricket Helmet

A cricket helmet includes different materials to absorb shock. It should protect you from the impact of the bat hitting your head. The outer layers must contain hard material to distribute force across large areas equally. Moreover, the inner layers must have shock-absorbing and soft foam. To buy high-quality gear, check out cricket helmets at Kookaburra.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic can absorb shock. This affordable and lightweight moldable plastic is easily available. Remember, it is not durable and tough like other materials for a cricket helmet.

Carbon fiber is another material for the outer shell to protect you from impacts. It is lightweight and offers the benefits of fiberglass and ABS plastic. Undoubtedly, it is the best material for your cricket helmet. However, it is expensive than several other materials.

If you need something durable, fiberglass is a protective and durable material as compared to ABS thermoplastic. It is heavy than other materials and makes you uncomfortable while wearing a helmet. Remember, these helmets are expensive than others.

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Inner Grille of Cricket Helmet

Remember, the grille is an important portion of a cricket helmet to protect your face. You may get different choices, such as titanium, carbon fiber and steel. The most famous grille material is steel because it is strong and cheap. Numerous grilles are designed with heat-treated carbon steel that is stronger.

If you want lightweight and strong material, you can choose a cricket helmet with carbon fiber. Furthermore, titanium offers tensile strength according to weight as compared to other options. It is strong like carbon steel with a lighter weight. For this reason, a helmet with a titanium grille will be comfortable because it will not increase stress on your neck. To get a helmet with a titanium grille, you have to pay more money.

Focus on the Size of Helmet

When buying a cricket helmet, it is crucial to choose the right size. The helmet should be snug sufficient to ensure it can absorb impact efficiently. Several cricket helmets are snug perfectly to absorb the impact. Moreover, other helmets are adjustable to fit accurately.

While wearing a helmet, you must not be able to move your helmet. If you want proper fit, a helmet must sift snugly on your head. Moreover, it should not be excessively tight to make you uncomfortable. A chin strap may help you to keep the helmet in its place. Remember, the chin strap must lie tightly across your chin instead of under it.

Numerous manufacturers size cricket helmets according to the circumference of your head. To buy a helmet, you should measure the circumference of the head in inches above the eyebrows. Moreover, wipe down your helmet using antiseptic wipes after each match to limit bacteria growth and odor.

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