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Heavy Lifting In Your Job? The Powerful LDV G10 Is Your Ideal Choice



Powerful LDV G10

The LDV G10 is an excellent choice for those who want a van that gets the job done.

LDV is known across the globe for producing high-quality commercial vehicles, and the new LDV G10 Van is no exception.

Nothing in its class compares to the G10 in terms of value and performance.



The G10’s new generation powerful 2-litre dual cam turbo engine, which has Gasoline Direct Injection and Double Variable Valve Timing, delivers up to 165kW of power and 345Nm of torque.

The G10’s power and torque range guarantee that moving large weights is a breeze.

The G10’s engine is mated to a ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox, which provides a quick, smooth, and quiet ride even when the vehicle is loaded.

The gearbox also includes a manual override, which comes in handy on steep descents or challenging weather.

Petrol Engine

The G10 van is available with the classic 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, which produces 160kW and 330Nm.

While the original G10 with this engine has a six-speed automatic transmission, the G10+ petrol variant has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Other differences between the LDV G10+ and the standard G10 include a new rotary dial gear changer, improved cabin materials, and claimed noise, vibration, and harshness reductions.

Diesel Engine

The LDV G10+ diesel van, introduced in 2021, improves power and economy.

The latest version of the inexpensive load-carrier is equipped with a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine that produces 118kW of power and 375Nm of torque and a ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox with ZF paddles.

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It costs $1500 more than the current G10 diesel, which comes with a 1.9-litre engine producing 106kW and 350Nm with a six-speed automated gearbox.

A six-speed manual transmission is available for the G10 1.9-litre diesel.

The new 2.0-litre engine is the same as the LDV T60 Trailrider pickup truck’s one.

With increased power and torque, the combined-cycle fuel consumption (ADR) figure is reduced from 8.6 to 8.2 litres per 100 kilometres.

Hard Work

The G10 Van makes complex tasks pretty straightforward.

The cargo space can hold up to two standard pallets and handy two sliding doors.

A rear lift tailgate offers weather protection while loading, access is simple.

Securing cargo can be done in a variety of ways.

Both the floor and the wheel arches of the G10 have strong load tie-down points.

There is a thick, tough floor covering throughout the commercial vehicle and an internal liner that extends halfway up the side walls.

You can find four lights in the load area and an integrated step on both sides to ensure you are never left in the dark.

G10 Van


Comfort in the Workplace

LDV G10 has always prioritized driver comfort since a relaxed driver is much safer.

The LDV G10 van exemplifies this. The comfortable cabin was created with you, the driver, in mind.

The driver’s seat is well-padded, with an armrest and various modifications to ensure that your worker is always seated in a comfortable driving position.

A good feature is the tilt-adjustable steering wheel, and there’s a convenient step and grab bar to help you get in and out of the van.

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The G10 offers a high-quality music system with a radio, MP3 connection, a DVD player with a 7-inch dash LCD, and Bluetooth compatible with any Bluetooth phone as standard equipment.

Standard features include cruise control and a rear camera, and park assist.

Air conditioning, power front windows, electric side mirrors, and keyless entry are standard on the G10.


Safety is a top focus, whether it’s the G10 Van’s sturdy Lotus tuned chassis, Bosch’s ESP safety system, or the numerous additional active and passive safety measures.

Examples of the braking systems that work well together are as follows:

  • Anti-skid brakes (ABS)
  • Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
  • Emergency brake assist (EBA)

The LDV G10 Van is equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Roll Movement Intervention (RMI), driver and passenger airbags, rear fog lamps, and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Considering that pedestrian safety hasn’t been overlooked, the G10 Van has a back camera with park assist and parking sensors. The G10 Van is serious about safety.

Final Thought

The LDV G10 is an excellent choice for couriers and local deliveries.

However, automatic transmission seems to be more practical in heavy traffic, while manual transmission is one of the best self-shifters available.

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