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How Do You Properly Maintain Your Office Furniture?



Maintain Your Office Furniture

Office furniture is a huge investment for any business. And in order to make sure that you get the most out of this investment, you have to take proper care of it. This way, it will be a long time before the furniture needs replacement. Likewise, officer furniture serves more purpose than just providing a space for the employees to work. Clean and well-kept furniture can help impress customers and potential clients.

The technology ecosystem of cities like Sydney has been booming in the past decade. With more and more startups opening their offices in the city, the demand for the right office furniture has increased. So, if you have a company that has purchased or is about to purchase new office furniture in Sydney, here are some tips that will help you maintain it properly:

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The organization has to implement a clean desk policy and encourage all its employees to practice it. This is an important step in the maintenance process as it can help prevent dust accumulation in the workplace. Meanwhile, you have to provide your employees with storage options like drawers or file cabinets where they can store their office supplies; having less clutter will make the place look cleaner. Also, it will help them work better and improve their productivity. If possible, employees should avoid eating on their desks as removing food stains is difficult. Or you can use desk pads that prevent any scratches on the surface of your new office desks.

If your employees find any defect with the desks, they should report it immediately. This can include any strange sound when you place objects on the desk, a loose screw, movement in joints of desks, etc. All these issues should be reported to the administration office so that they can take timely action, as it will avoid further damage.

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If your employees have to sit in an old, broken, and uncomfortable chair, it will negatively impact their ability to be productive. So, depending on the type of chair, here are a few weekly maintenance tips that you should follow:

  • For upholstery, lightly brush or vacuum to remove the dirt.
  • For leather, use a soft and clean cloth for dusting.
  • For vinyl, use a solution of mild soap and warm water to remove the dirt. Then, use a soft and lint-free cloth to dry it.
  • For wood, use a sponge or a damp cloth for removing the dirt and use a clean cotton cloth for drying it.

Also, twice a year, you should tighten and adjust any bolts or screws on the chair as it ensures that it will remain intact. This way, you are prolonging its lifespan while guaranteeing the safety of your employees.

It is important to remember that the armrests of your chair have been designed solely to withstand the weight of your arms. So, you should not put a lot of weight or pressure on them. Otherwise, they might break.

And if you have leather-based furniture in your office, you will have to put in some extra effort to maintain it. All such furniture has to be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid damage to the material. Also, make sure that you don’t use any alcohol-based cleaners or abrasive cleaning products to dust them; you should use the cleaners designed specifically to clean the leather surface.

Some believe that focusing too much on the maintenance of office furniture is an unnecessary task. However, the truth is that the right furniture can do wonders for your employees’ productivity. Maintaining office furniture is as important as buying them, and you’ll be able to find many reputable shops offering quality office furniture in Sydney. So remember, when your employees have comfortable furniture to use, they will be able to think better and be productive.

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