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How to Protect Precious Items for Moving?



Protect Precious Items for Moving

Moving house can be a busy time for everyone involved, and more often than not, there are quite a few items that need to be moved from one property to another.

While clothes, cupboards, and carpets are all pretty straightforward when it comes to being packed up to go in a moving van, what about the more valuable larger items, such as expensive furnishings, glass wear, or art?

This piece will take a look at how you can protect your precious items when moving and offer you some tips to keep them safe and sound until the other end of the journey.


Use Sufficient Packaging

First and foremost, you will want your valuable belongings to make it to their new destination in one place, which means sufficient packaging needs to be used to keep everything scratch and bash-free. Do not be shy when it comes to wrapping up your items – it is better to overwrap than under wrap. You might find that regular wrap is not large enough, so in that case, use thick blankets, duvets, and other soft materials to make sure all surfaces are covered. If you are able to, store your wrapped goods in an additional storage box or protective case for that extra layer of assurance.

Certain protective materials can include but are not limited to, tissue paper, packing peanuts, foam, packing paper, newspaper, eco- bubble wrap, biodegradable polystyrene, cardboard boxes, storage boxes, brown tape, clothes, duvets, towels, and bedsheets – just to name a few!

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Choose A Reputable Moving Company

When moving valuables, especially if they are heavy and expensive, you will want to choose a reputable moving company to ensure your belongings are well taken care of and make it to your new property in one piece. Look for those who specialize in services for your important items, such as piano movers, to ensure that your piano is in the most capable hands. This goes the same for pieces of artwork such as paintings and other luxury items that need to be packed and transported in one piece.

If you are concerned, many reputable moving companies will also carry insurance if anything happens to your items, which can offer additional peace of mind.

Put Your Valuable Pieces in Storage

If you have already moved into your new home or need your larger valuable pieces out of the way while you pack up the house, putting them into storage can be a useful option. Not only will that free up space, so you are able to pack more efficiently, but it will also protect them from any scratches, bashes, or any other accidents that can happen when we are moving our belongings around and out of the home.

Putting precious items in storage will also ensure their safety if you no longer live in the property, you have no room for them, or, you have moved out of and keep them away from prying eyes when your old home is no longer occupied.

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