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Say No to Fake Degrees

When you put things in writing, you must make sure you are relaying the right message. Why? Because you can no longer change the content when your recipient is already reading what you have written. Regardless of the industry where you belong, persuasive writing plays a significant role in your career, whether in reports, emails, and other forms of correspondence. It does not have to be so complicated; all you need is a simple and systematic process of knowing your purpose, the right kind of planning, and organization to get it done right.


The Cornerstone of Business Writing

Before planning any form of correspondence, you need to have a thorough grasp of three things: the task, purpose, and desired outcome. First, your mission is to inform, persuade and build a relationship with your readers so you can personally appeal to them. Second, you need to know your purpose. Do you know why you are doing this? Do you have anything to gain from it? Third, what are your motives for writing such correspondence? Finally, what is your desired outcome? What do you want your readers to do, and when you already know the answer to this question, only then can you figure out the best way to make these people do it?

When Pressure Affects Your Writing Process

There are times when you start writing because you are under so much pressure to do so. What drives you is your sense of obligation, of need, of urgency. You know that your inbox is full, and people have been waiting for long-overdue replies. However, there are also times when you have done so much procrastination that the important letter you needed to write has now become urgent, something you need to attend to now.

When this happens, a lot of things can go wrong. Suddenly, writing a good memo or email is no longer your top priority, but merely getting it done so you can crash it out from your to-do list and get on with the other tasks at hand. True, corporate life never runs out of strains and stresses, but you must do everything you can to resist such temptation.

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Know Your Purpose for Persuasive Writing

Take this as an example. You are the head of your department, and after the first half of the fiscal year, you are obliged to write your staff a memo to inform them that there will be no midyear bonus because of poor productivity. You hate the assignment, but you know you must do it. So, it would help if you focused on your desired outcome.

You do not want them to resign. You do not want the hassle, loss of precious time, and the cost it will entail to hire and train new people. Nor do you want your superiors to think you are not managing your department well and not giving enough moral support to your team. Or worse, allow your competitors to know you are in hot water and you have nowhere else to go but down.

Now that you know what you want after digging deep and looking at the cold, hard facts, you will know better how to construct your memo. You will do it in a way to make everyone feel safe and secure, even at times like these when your company is struggling. That despite what has happened, your bosses will not lose faith in you. You want your team to assure you in return that they will stand by you and your decision because they know that things will pick up sooner or later, but it will happen faster if all of you work hard together as a team.

Visualize your result. It is the most effective way to give you the drive to put the right words into writing. Determine what you want to happen and what you want to achieve. It is how you make your words work for you in persuasive writing.

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Timeless and Contemporary Persuasive Writing Ideas

Every inch of this world bears a seed of an idea one can write about. Nothing is too insignificant because each plays a role, though there are more popular writing ideas. Usually, persuasive writing ideas revolve around human interests. These are influenced by the times and those issues which can never be resolved.

The persuasive writing ideas that appeal to people in the decades past are different from what the people today are writing about. For example, concepts related to divorce, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and cosmetic surgery were not considered possibilities. There are, of course, writing ideas that persisted in time because they were never resolved. These include mercy killing or euthanasia, legalizing abortion, prostitution, legalizing divorce, and the death penalty. These topics are classic and will never fail to stir up emotions among readers.

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For many writers, the most challenging part of writing is searching for persuasive writing ideas. It is like a seed of inspiration that needs to be found. Once that seed is located, words will flow, and facts and arguments are presented. These can influence the readers into forming an opinion and probably a side. While persuasive writing intends to stimulate the readers into a view and perhaps even action, it is always ideal to present facts as objectively as possible. Supporting positions with scientific studies and statistics enhances acceptability. Testimonies can help social issues.

These days, another opportunity has opened up yet another medium for worldwide reading through the Internet. Modern technology has shrunk the world into the size of a computer that can access worldwide information. It is not surprising, therefore, that the contemporary world is utilizing such in marketing. Hence, with all the websites needing articles, snippets, blogs, and reviews, persuasive writing has found another niche to explore. With its comprehensive and instant application, books and libraries are fast fading into obscurity.

Getting into the use of words is empowering as the pen or the computer keyboard can string letters into words and words into sentences of profound meaning. With the right persuasive writing ideas, writers have the power to make a difference; that power comes with a responsibility.

Learning Persuasive Writing Techniques in School and Life

Some were born to write, and some are trained to write. Which one are you? To natural writers, persuasive writing techniques seem to come with a style that is developed in time through exploring and reading. Those who go to school learn it from teachers and mentors while doing a lot of reading on the side. Reading is, therefore, a necessary habit that one must develop to be a good writer. On top of this, the best writers are gifted with a keen listening ear, an observing eye, and an understanding heart.

The school can teach a writer everything that a writer needs to know to write well. More than these, persuasive writing techniques can only be as convincing as you are convinced; it cannot be more than that. The school can teach future writers about persuasive writing techniques like repetition, supplying articles with data, facts, and statistics, and showing interpolations and predictions. Yet, the school will not tell you how to relate these to real life and real people. The school can instruct you to be innovative and creative but will not show you how. Many applications are learned once a writer starts exploring on one’s own.

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Nevertheless, before you start your exploration, it is vital to learn techniques in persuasive writing that you will not discover elsewhere but in school or through online courses. Some local community colleges offer shortened writing courses. There are also online writing courses you can take that specifically teach persuasive writing.

The only downside to taking writing courses with either choice is both only offer certificates upon completion. Most students from community colleges find themselves in a dilemma when applying for jobs because they do not have degrees to show for. Some even commit the grave mistake of offering fake diplomas to employers, thinking they could get away with it.

Opting for a fake diploma should be the furthest thing on your mind, even if it is easy to find out how to get a fake high school diploma from the Internet. Rather than biting the fake diploma that diploma mills offer, navigate here to find out how to get an authentic diploma or degree from a world-renowned university. They have college degrees in order, from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, and the degrees are verifiable, so you will not get in trouble.

In the conduct of persuasive writing, it is also essential to imbibe persuasive writing techniques known as Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. How do these help in persuasion?

  1. Ethos pertains to who is doing the persuasion. There are authorities and whose opinions matter. An example would be Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential women in America today. Her words carry weight and credibility.
  2. Logos imply the need for sensible proofs, logic, and interpretation. However, it cannot defy logic and expect people to be persuaded blindly.
  3. Pathos refers to the emotional appeal of the words to touch the human side of the readers. When the Ethos and the Logos are there, Pathos can seal that persuasion.

While schools can prepare a writer to understand persuasive writing techniques, time and experience personalize the style. Only writers who can feel, listen, and see more can truly make a mark in this world.

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