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Quincy (Actor) – Biography & Detail



Quincy (Actor)

People are usually interested in knowing about their favorite celebrities. Quincy Taylor Brown is one of those favorite personalities who have performed great work in the American media industry, also known as Hollywood. Quincy Taylor actor is a famous on-screen actor and a top-notch singer who has amused the whole world with his magical voice.


Quincy Biodata | Age, Height, and Net Worth

Quincy Taylor was born on June 4, 1991, in Columbus. Currently, his age is 30 years. His height is 6.2″. The net worth of Quincy actor is 500 Million USD, and he is the son of a famous model – Kim Porter. By profession, Quincy is an actor, model, singer, songwriter, director, and photographer. He has been in the media field since 2008 and is successfully progressing his career.

Actual Reason Behind Quincy’s Popularity

You must be well-versed in Quincy (actor) movies and tv shows. He is a jack of all trades. You can witness him excelling in multiple entertainment streams like Singing, Acting, Drama, Modelling, and Sports. His famous film Brotherly Love is still one of his most significant pieces of art. This movie was released in 2015. “The Holiday Calendar” is another major hit of “Quincy.” He won distinctions as a singer. One of his popular songs is “Friends First.”

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Famous Brands of Quincy Actor

Quincy is the owner of a watch brand known as Chalk by Quincy. He is also the chief executive officer of the production company called FourXample. His famous brand of jeans is popular as Embellish. Besides these, he is a successful entrepreneur in some other streams of business as well.

Popular Roles of Quincy actor in Famous Movies

Quincy joined the media field when he was a teenager. It shows his dedication to his field.

Quincy played a role titled Reggie in We the Party, released in 2012. In 2015, he played Jaleel in the movie Dope. In the same year, he gave another hit movie called Street, in which he played Dante. In 2018, Quincy played a role called Josh in the movie The Holiday Calendar.

Popular Roles of Quincy actor in famous Plays

In 2008 and 2015, Quincy Taylor actor played “Himself” and “Trey Peach” in TV plays My Super Sweet 16 and CSI, respectively. Similarly, in 2016 and 2018, Quincy played the role of “Himself” and “Daylon” in Star and Wild ‘N Out.

Quincy and Music

Quincy is greatly into Music. This is due to the strong affiliation of his ancestors to this field. Therefore, he has been a fan of music and rap since childhood. Over time, he has mastered the art of singing and rapping. The world knows him as a well-deserved singer. His famous songs are Record Straight, Friends First, and Blue Dot.

Love Life of Quincy Actor

Quincy is currently a single man. He has been into many relationships, but his relationship status says that he is single.

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When it comes to real life, achievements, story, and history of Quincy is an amazing actor. He does justice with all her professions. This article summarizes all the important fields specific to Quinky to provide you a clear insight into him and his life.

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