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Karen Radio Host Gets FIRED from her Radio Gig in New Hampshire



radio host Karen fired

The breaking news is hitting headlines on all the TV and Social Media Channels where the radio host Karen fired for her racist behavior with a group of people has been strongly condemned.

See the news update being reported on by the media, the statement that was issued is given as:

“Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with  WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. We at WSMN value freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and assembly. We will not tolerate discrimination, racism, or hatred. We continue to present an offer on-air opportunities for discussion, education, and the exchange of opinions and ideas.”

THE EVENT occurred where a radio host named Dianna Ploss was passing by some group of Hispanic construction employees working on a roadside area in downtown Nashua. This is the 10th of July where these laborers were having a fine workday communicating with each other using their colloquial language. It all started when she stopped nearby and witnessed their speech. She ranted at them criticizing their act of using their native language – Spanish while standing on the grounds of the United States. She yelled at them discouraging their freedom of speech and denounced them together. She managed to defame their folks residing in their homelands and used the term “Communism” to sum up their whole activity log and claimed that they were taking over the streets.

Although the workers were silent almost all the time, the conversation that happened between the two parties went on like:

Karen: Are you talking in English? This is America, why are you not speaking English.

Laborers: …….

Karen: You work for the state and you must be speaking English. And then she kept on emphasizing the word English.

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Laborers: …….

Furthermore, this reporter targeted the bunch of accused and degraded men that they were not working for the state they are living in. The laborers gave a decent reply, “We work for the benefit of a private company”

Her racist tirade is not justifiable at all. See what she said:

“This is America, speak English” and she kept bombarding them with these imperative words on repeat. She also mentioned the company for which they were working, that was called “Morin’s Landscaping”.

This hot news prevailed like fire across the media. Ploss being the biggest Trump supporter and a former host on WSMN radio, made a Facebook live video with her bare hands considering she was doing something positive and released the video content covering the whole happening.

The video clip went viral and it clearly shows an African American man who approaches her out of his way and tries to stop this woman from making such violence. He asks her the very reason for which she was bashing those gentlemen and that she is not supposed to be that rude. She did not consider his advice, scolded him for WEARING A MASK to hide the face, and continued to spread her word that people in America should not be communicating in any language except ENGLISH. She mocked him by calling him a “Social Justice Warrior”. Things don’t end here, her duration of utterly disgusting behavior prolongs to an extent where she makes fun of the BLACK man claiming that he is defending the BROWN construction workers to protect them from the criticism of a WHITE lady. These are the reasons why this Karen radio host fired.

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Some called her a violent pejorative Karen, while some people used the words like “extremist” and “eccentric” for her. Some people spoke ill of her because they considered that this woman must have worn the mask in the first place before targeting others in these crucial times of a deadly pandemic.

Public Comments

Some public comments that got hype on social media have got an important message for a reality check!

“The actual crazy part of this whole scenario is Ploss did record it herself which means she considered herself a proud patriot for harassing these innocent guys” _ Jacob Marley

Another critique named Carolyn Bridgeman said, ” She does not understand the reality that free speech also affords people to speak whatever language they want in America”

All the platforms on the internet are loaded with such testimonials. People are not sorry about how her career is ruined because they consider humanity and morality above board. And every person who is willing to snatch away the basic human right of free-living from others must be strongly condemned. This is the 21st century, where every individual has got 100% liberty to make all the types of decisions in his life, raise the word for his rights, and enjoy the freedom of speech. Any inhumane behavior shown by any individual will trigger negative propaganda against him regardless of his profession, race, social status, and background. What matters the most is Humanity!

Coming back to our topic related to Karen radio host fired for her bigoted rant and lost all linkages with Bartis-Russell or WSMN Nashua. Having a look at the consequences of what she did, and what she said, No Government, Media, or Public is willing to spare her. The worst part is, she tried to justify her behavior with a series of social media posts where she used unsentimental phrases like “I am not backing down” showing her consistency with the notorious, unfair treatment. She highlighted her words by using emoticons of American flags that she used to indicate her so-called love for her state. Another post added some more bitterness because it was addressing American patriots (people who supported Karen) by ridiculing people who did not support the idea of speaking ONLY English in America.

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This whole scenario has triggered great fury in the people throughout the world, who are not ready to settle for her unapologetic behavior. Within the two days of this incident, more than 10k people had signed the petition to suspend her from her job taking the backlash to another level.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people travel across various sub-continents, they don’t learn the language of each state they land on. Neither is it possible, not suitable to invest that much time and energy just for communication. Those landscaping workers were there to perform their duties and get paid in return to support their family income. It is absolutely pathetic to target and seize them for the language they are communicating in.

This is a case of hate speech and anyone who is a flag bearer of violence, hatred, and racism should not be given another opportunity to harass people like that. If you want to learn more, Kimberly Guilfoyle – the mother of Ronan Anthony Villency and a significant representative of the American News community has done a lot of work in this scenario.

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