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10 Reasons to Add Food Supplements to your Diet



Food Supplements to your Diet

Nutrition is not filling up your stomach with food. It is a balanced diet that fulfills all the body’s nutritional needs and vitamin requirements for continuous repairing and healthy functioning of the body. But with this hectic life, it is impossible to focus on complete nutrition and regular vitamin intake.

We often ignore our body’s needs and survive on the junk or single food groups like carbs. Therefore to sustain and cover up the missing food component, you must include food and vitamin supplements. With this article, you will understand the importance of supplements and ten reasons to include them in your diet.

What are supplements?


Food supplements (also known as dietary supplements or nutritional supplements) are consumed to meet the body’s demand for minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Remember, supplements are NOT a replacement for food groups but only an extra boost of diet essentials to supply sufficient quantities of micro and macronutrients necessary for the human body.

They are available in pills, tablets, capsules, liquid, or syrup with varying concentrations and ranges of dose. Gut health experts from Healthcanal also note that only a certain amount of supplements can be allowed per day as advised by your nutritionist or doctor.

Remember, some supplements in high dosage can lead to unanticipated results, like weight gain/loss, the body’s reaction in acne, or rashes. So be careful as to what supplements you use and the number of supplements you intake.

supplements in high dosage

Ten reasons to include supplements: if the sole components of the supplements are not enough to convince you, here are ten reasons you should include supplements in your routine.

  1. Improvement in body composition: the human body comprises carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is crucial to consume a balanced diet to refill the daily quota of carbs, proteins, and fats, but it is pretty hard to quickly come by the other nutrient components and are present in only trace amounts in the food we consume. Therefore, to maintain the body composition at optimal levels, food supplements are a good idea to map the difference between demand and supply of nutrients.
  2. Boosting energy: when nutrients are available at hand, the body can break down and implement the nutrients promptly as and when the need arises. Continuous breakdown of available resources also demands a continuous supply of the same. It is utilized to keep up the energy levels and boost working efficiency.
  3. Sports/gym performance: certain supplements give you the exact energy boost required for a heavy workout or sports practice. The pre-workout supplements give you the hype, prevent head rush, and provide a constant supply of glucose to carry out your workout/sports practice. Also, it tends to wear n tear during the exercise, and the energy refuel is needed after the workout.
  4. Increase weight: Some people have trouble putting on weight no matter the changes in diet and increase in the amount of food intake. Apetamin is a syrup that increases weight without any harmful side effects like an increase in body heat to make it easier. It increases appetite and helps the body store healthy food in the form of glucose.pre-workout supplements
  5. Boost immunity: body immunity is a system of cells that reaches out to the foreign/intruder cells or bacteria and combat them to save the body from permanent damage or overtime harm. Immunity works to attack and prevent the foreign cell from causing a disturbance in the smooth working of the body, and supplements help aid this functioning. Your gut microbiome is 70% of your immunity system. Keep your gut healthy by including a potent probiotic supplement to look after the immunity that looks after you. Total Restore Ingredients: Help Nourish Your Gut From The Inside Out.
  6. Prevent/counter health issues: calcium deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency may cause health issues to weaken nails to seizures, bone and back pain, or anemia, respectively. Maintaining every nutrient and vitamin level is necessary for the long run for systematic working and avoiding the “aging” of the body. A good level of vitamin C can prevent ailments like the common cold and cough.
  7. Micronutrients and macronutrients: carbs, proteins, and fats are the macros, and vitamins and minerals are the micronutrients required by the human body. The macros are broken down, and the essential micros from the macros are utilized with the complex working of the digestive and absorptive systems. Calcium, Folate, Iron, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc are the macros that are essential for life forms. And so is carbs, protein, and fats, which bind with the micronutrients to allow easy absorption in the body.protein and fats
  8. Muscle growth and repair: the body’s daily protein requirement is in accordance with the weight of your body. Approximately 0.8 gm of protein per kilogram of the person. Do you think you consume enough protein? Or Magnesium, or iron? Therefore, it is advisable to consume supplements to meet the demand and supply for the continuous process of muscle growth and repairment.
  9. For pregnancy: when you are eating for two, you also have to double the number of nutrients in your body. Folic acid, vitamin D, C, iron, zinc, calcium for you and your little one to have a healthy birth and life. The prenatal and postnatal course of supplements is a significant one to help the woman’s body cope with the pregnancy changes, before and after the birth, and the baby’s health. You can also read more about what you need for your first time pregnancy at
  10. For old age: the nutrient absorption capabilities decrease with age and increasing stress. After 30, the nutrient requirements are the same, but its capability to extract and absorb nutrients decreases. The minerals start to escape through the easy path of urine. Therefore, to maintain the body’s nutrient levels and proper functioning, a supplement of essential minerals and vitamins is necessary.
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We are not made out of a single element or compound, we work as a factory of simple and complex units together to make the world work and come to life. We require our daily units of supplements to support this lifestyle.

Consult your doctor before you include supplements in your diet for any of the reasons above. A steady supply of good elements to the body ensures long life and a healthy lifestyle with lesser times falling sick. Stay healthy, stay fit. Click here for more tips on getting fit after pregnancy.

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