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What is Proton Therapy?



Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is supposed to be the next great thing in science and medicine, and you may start thinking about DBS as soon as you find out you have it. The innovative style of therapy is deserving of all the attention it receives because it is the outcome of extensive research and study by a large number of researchers and doctors from across the world.

Robert Wilson first introduced the concept of proton treatment in 1946. The technique was put on hold until the early 1950s when certain clinics dared to try it on some brain cancer patients and people with eye anomalies.

It uses cyclotron technology to precisely target the damaged area, delivering maximal damage and destruction while causing no injury to the surrounding tissues. A cyclotron is a particle accelerator in which charged particles are accelerated so that they speed outwards from the source in a spiral route.

Since then, the treatment has been used on approximately two lakhs of people, with 170,00+ candidates effectively healed. A large percentage of the applicants come from the United States, where the therapy has successfully treated about 75000 people. Proton therapy has a record-breaking success rate of 93.25 percent, which is quite remarkable. Because of its seamless manner of operation and great precision, the therapy is widely regarded by famous doctors, surgeons, and radiologists. Specialists are always working to improve the method so that it can be made both inexpensive for the general public and extensively used to treat a variety of ailments. Proton treatment is projected to become a breakthrough for a variety of ailments and diseases in the upcoming years.

Basic definition

In simple words, proton beam therapy is a focused beam of protons used to kill undesirable cells that promote tumor formation. The creation of a tumor is caused by the unregulated or overgrowth of cells, which can be benign or malignant. Proton treatment is a type of radiation therapy that is used to replace X-Ray therapy and is considered one of the most promising. The method makes use of proton and concentrates it. As a result, a high-energy beam is focused on a specific location. Positively charged protons are focused on the target tumor in medical science, causing it to die.

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Proton therapy is typically used as a last resort in cancer treatment. As a result, ionization therapy has proven to be more accurate than prior radiation therapy methods.

The therapy is intended to treat malignancies that are difficult to approach because it uses highly focused beams. Proton therapy is used to treat malignancies that are found close to nerves or important organs and require extreme precision.

Reason to choose proton therapy for cancer treatment in India:-

India is known for offering proton therapy in the most cost-effective solutions among the many areas around the globe. The country has made a reputation for everything in the world of healthcare ever since the beginning of time. India’s medical research, from herbs to chemicals, ancient to advanced, has an incredible record of success, luring thousands of medical tourists per year.

In India, hospitals and facilities are more advanced than that of the majority of other developed countries. On a global basis, however, some of the most cost-effective packages contain comprehensive testing and therapy alternatives. Proton therapy costs in India is estimated to vary between $14,490 to $28,819 in general, making it one of the most cost-effective treatments accessible. The reason for this is because Indian clinics are built to support high-efficiency technologies, including those using high-energy beam radiations, such as radiation therapy. As a result, the majority of the cost is spent on providing space for gadgets.

Apart from that, proton treatment centers are recognized to house world-class medical personnel who have been trained to execute radiation therapies with extreme precision. The surgeons and radiologists who execute the treatment are highly competent experts who have completed specific training in the subject and are therefore well-versed in their duties.

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