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5 Reasons to Buy Property in Arizona



Buy Property in Arizona

With endless sunshine, affordable housing, and a number of outdoor activities perfect for the whole family, Arizona is a great place to buy property. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or a property to rent out, here are 5 reasons to look at homes in Arizona.


Several Good Neighborhoods

Within Arizona, there are several great neighborhoods you can live in. Phoenix and Tucson are a couple of well known cities that you might initially think of, but there are some lesser-known suburbs that are worth considering too.

If you’re interested in cultural attractions, as you connect with a realtor, ask them to show you properties in Mesa. Plus, if you’re a fan of baseball, Mesa is where the Cubs do their spring training! There are countless activities for kids throughout the year in Mesa, making it a great place to raise a family.

If you’re wanting to buy property in an area that is a bit more removed from the city and has a little less of a desert-feel, Flagstaff might be a good place to house hunt. This is also a great location if you’re buying a second home or a home that you want to use as a vacation property. There are so many outdoor activities to do here, and it even snows during the winter!

Warm Weather

In Arizona, you’ll surely get your fill of Vitamin D, since it’s usually sunny over 300 days of the year. This is the perfect location for people who are not a fan of cooler temperatures and prefer warmer climates.

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While it does break 100 degrees in the summer months, if you buy a property with a pool, it makes the heat much more tolerable. In fact, as you look for property within the state, talk to your realtor about having a pool be a requirement for your home.

Additionally, Arizona does have a monsoon season, so you can experience rainfall throughout some of the summer and fall months. This helps to break up the heat and add a little variety to the endless sunny weather that you experience.

Rent Out Your Property

Because of the overall affordability to buy homes in Arizona, it’s an attractive state to move to (especially after 2020). As people relocate to AZ, they often spend the first 6 months to a year renting before actually purchasing their own place.

Due to this, there’s an opportunity for other people to buy a property with the sole intention of turning it into a rental property. The average rental price in AZ is just over $1,250 per month, so you have the potential to make a decent income from buying property and then renting it out.

Beautiful Landscape

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, which is a huge selling feature, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you buy a home in Phoenix, you’re only about 4 hours away from this national park, making it a very doable weekend trip.

If you’re looking for water, Lake Havasu is an incredible location to explore and relax. From renting a houseboat to jet skiing to speed boating, there are countless water activities you can do on the lake. Just be sure to check the weather report so you don’t get caught in a thunderstorm while out on the water!

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In addition to this, the desert landscape itself is very beautiful. While it might not get the same attention that the beach or mountains initially does, the desert has its own type of beauty that you begin to appreciate the longer you’re there.

Good Job Market

Arizona might not initially come to mind when you think of tech giants like Apple and Uber, but these companies have recently announced that they will be expanding out to areas of Arizona. Arizona has always been open to innovation and new ideas, so it makes sense that these types of companies would choose this state to build within.

This means that the job market (which was already good), will continue to be strong and provide additional opportunities for the state. Arizona has also been a popular place for entrepreneurs to work due to the low business and property taxes. Plus, there are some excellent colleges throughout the state, and this leads to well-educated people entering the workforce.


From the diverse locations within the state to move to, to the beautiful desert landscape that surrounds you, Arizona is a great spot to purchase the property.

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