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3 Reasons Why a Home Inventory is Essential



Home Inventory

Home inventories are an incredible tool with wide-ranging benefits, yet few people make and use them. It might be because it sounds like a tedious task or something you don’t need, but its uses are varied.

It might sound overwhelming, but a home inventory is simply a list of all the belongings in your home, from jewelry and electronics to books and clothing. Some people choose to add finer details and other elements like photos, receipts, purchase dates, appraisals, and more, but a list of all your possessions is a good start.

Inventories can be categorized by item type, room, value, or whatever way suits you. Updating it once a year or after significant purchases is a smart idea and will make many things easier over time. Here are some of the reasons why making a home inventory is essential.


It Makes Decluttering Easier

Decluttering is growing in popularity as a way to reevaluate our belongings and reduce clutter and stress. A home inventory is a huge help with decluttering and makes the job much easier. In fact, you can declutter as you make your first home inventory. Once you have the list set up, it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and prevent more clutter from building up over time. It’s a great reference to glance at to remind you of things you already have before purchasing duplicate items.

If the idea of making a home inventory or decluttering your home seems like something you won’t enjoy or will never have the time to do, consider hiring a professional organizing and decluttering company. Companies like NEATSPACES help clients prepare home inventories. These companies can make the task much easier and more manageable.

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It’s an Essential Tool When Estate Planning

Estate planning is made easier with a home inventory in two major ways. First, making a complete and comprehensive list of all your possessions makes the job of your executor much easier. An executor’s job is tough, and you should do anything you can to make the job more manageable.

It’s also helpful if you want specific items to go to a particular person. Making these plans and having these conversations now will help to avoid conflicts in your family later on. Simply make a copy of your home inventory and clearly mark your wishes regarding which beneficiary gets what.

It Makes Moving More Manageable

Moves are stressful and a lot of work. A tool that makes the process much easier is a handy list of all your belongings. A home inventory helps with moving when making your packing list, deciding how many boxes and packing materials to order and what size of moving truck you’ll need. It’s also helpful should any items go missing during your move.

The benefits of a home inventory double when you’re downsizing. Downsizing often demands significant decluttering, and the inventory helps you determine how much you have and how much you need to get rid of. Many people underestimate their belongings until they start to pack and move and realize they have way more than will fit in their new smaller home. An inventory can help prevent this from happening.

There are many ways that making a home inventory makes life easier. Once it is done, it just needs the occasional update. Do yourself a favour and create a home inventory that you can reference whenever the situation calls for it.

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