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Eye Opening Reasons your Brands need to be on Instagram



Brands on Instagram

You may not think of Instagram as a marketing tool, but social networking site has attracted the attention of famous brands around the world for its budding to achieve high levels of brand awareness and engagement.

Second, only to Facebook in popularity, this social media platform according to a Forrester study has a brand-engagement rate 58 times more than Facebook’s. That is a huge opportunity to have insfollowers for your new brand.

It took little time, but worldwide brands began to understand they lost an enormous opportunity. Ninety percent of Interbrand 100 corporations are on Instagram, and the consumers they are looking for are there too. The numbers do not lie: 300 million people sign up on Instagram every day, posting more than 95 million content. Break it down to 216,000 content posted every minute. Here are some eye-opening reasons why your brands need to be on Instagram.

Customers Expect It

Customers will search for your brand on Instagram. They might search for you particularly by name, or by keywords and hashtags relating to your business. Either way, not finding you on Instagram is a bad experience. And you will miss the opportunity to have insfollowers on your account. Even if you don’t’ plan to stay active on Instagram, the best practice is to make an account at least with your business name, contact information, and a few posts to showcase your brand.

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It’s a Trust Signal

Signing up an Instagram account, especially a verified Instagram account is a signal that your business is real, reputable, and transparent. If you are doing online business wholly, having yet another social media account where your users can get to know your enterprise is highly valuable.

Note: Your account will be trusted if you try to win genuine followers and do not buy Instagram followers as many of them are fake and bots.

Instagram as Trust Signal

You Can Tag and Sell Your Products

If you sell your products or services, the ability to share Instagram content that link to those offering is a major win. To take benefit of this feature, you need to generate a product catalog from your Facebook page that is where Instagram fetches the product info from.

Your Competitors Are on Instagram

If you do not have a presence on your Instagram account and your competitors do, you are offering them a competitive edge, simple and plain. If you are stumped on what kind of photos/videos to post to Instagram, observe what your competitors are doing on Instagram. Your genuine and unique content will help you to buy Instagram followers for free in no time. It will give you sufficient inspiration for what you can do, too!

Competitors Are on Instagram


Instagram is a useful networking tool. You can like, comment, and share with other like-minded enterprises or individuals. It helps you to form a relationship with them over time with eloquent interactions. That way, if you want to reach out to people in the real world or run to them at an event, you will have already a foundation on Instagram.

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Whether you are a trendy B2C company or an outdated B2B company or individual, there is a place for you on Instagram. Your insfollowers will help you to grow and expand your brand.

Don’t fall into the trap of perception you need to buy followers on Instagram to visually present your business. With a little strategic planning, you will find there is plenty you can post on Instagram.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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