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Replacement Windows: How Much Will It Cost?



Replacement Windows

If you’re a homeowner, you probably want different projects done to improve your home. Whether it’s redesigning the interior, changing the roof, getting landscaping done, or even replacing your windows, budget is an important consideration.

It’s common to see amazing homes on social media or in magazines. All these can inspire anyone to convert rooms or their entire homes to suit their tastes. Home design changes throughout the years, and it’s understandable why people want to keep up with these trends. They make your home more inviting and they can also increase the value of your home.

But there are so many home improvement projects that you can do to update your home. This can also make it incredibly difficult to keep up with all of it. For instance, you can repaint your bedroom, redesign your whole bathroom, or try a new interior style.

When redesigning your home, one of the home improvement projects to do is the replacement of your windows. Below are factors to consider about window replacement:


Windows Are A Dead Giveaway


If you look at an old home, one of the dead giveaways would be the kinds of windows it has. While some older or vintage styles have their charms, some look outdated and worn down. If you have these kinds of windows, you’re probably struggling with damage and difficulties opening and shutting them. Plus, they’re not easy on the eyes or inviting at all.

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One of the ways you can spruce up a home is by replacing windows. Many homeowners like to DIY their home improvement projects, and that’s all well and good if you’re skilled enough. However, when it comes to replacing windows, it’s best to leave it to the experts. For instance, professionals at  Arlington replacement windows allow homeowners to get their windows expertly replaced or installed.

Windows Affects Your Daily Life

It’s easy to take windows for granted because they’re usually just parts of a home that go unnoticed. But when your window gets damaged, you’ll be sure to feel it. It can affect the temperature of a room, which will likely impact your electrical bills if you use air-conditioning or a heater.

Moreover, damaged windows will make your home unsafe since someone can easily break in. So, if you have damaged windows, you’ll have to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid possible risks.

How Much Do Window Replacements Cost?

Practically speaking, any home improvement project will cost you some money. Some minor changes can be affordable, while others are far more expensive. When it comes to window replacements, it’ll depend on the company you hire. It could also depend on whether you’re getting just one window done or an entire home. To clear things up, it’s necessary to break down prices to know what exactly you’re paying for.

Prices Depend On The Material

Homeowners know that prices will always depend on the materials you want to use. It’s the same for the windows you want to have installed. Here’s a list of the price ranges to expect depending on the material.

  • Aluminum – US$75 – US$400
  • Vinyl – US$100 – US$900
  • Wood – US$150 – US$1,300
  • Composite – US$300 – US$1,200
  • Fiberglass – US$500 – US$1,300
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Paying For Labor

You’ll also rely on professionals to install the windows properly for you. Naturally, you’ll have to pay for the labor costs, which will vary depending on where you live or the company you’re hiring. And if the window replacements will last for more than one day, labor will cost you more. But on average, you can expect it to range from US$100 to US$300 per unit.

Prices Depend On Window Sizes

Bigger windows will require more material, so it’s only logical that it’ll cost more. So, if you have some large windows that need replacing, you’ll need to invest a bit more than just the other windows in your home. To help you prepare for the budget, here’s a list of prices.

  • High-end or large aluminum windows – US$1,200 or more
  • Large or decorative vinyl bay or bow types – US$1,500 – $2,500

Style Affect Prices

There are different kinds of windows and designs to choose from that will fit the architectural style of a building or the homeowner’s lifestyle. Depending on the type of windows you’re getting, there are different prices to expect. Here’s a list to help you compute the total costs you might have to pay.

  • Storm – US$50 – US$300
  • Fixed and picture – US$65 – US$700
  • Single-hung – US$100 – US$400
  • Double-hung– US$150 – US$650
  • Sliding and folding – US$150 – US$800
  • Casement – US$150 – US$1,000
  • Bay and bow – US$600 – US$4,500
  • Custom – US$1,000 or more


Overall, you can expect to pay US$1,500 to US$3,500 to replace five units, and this includes materials and labor. If there are details or customizations, it will be more expensive. But it’s a worthy investment, especially when it’s done exceptionally well.

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