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Bedroom Colors for Fresh Moods



Bedroom Colors

Probably no one has ever wondered how the color of the room affects a person’s mood when he or she wakes up from a long beauty sleep. According to several studies, it has been proven that there are specific room colors that affect the mood and personality of a person when they wake up from sleep. When planning to change the color of your room so that you wake up to a fresh mood, it is important to take into account the size and shape of the room because it matters the most. For instance, if a person has been feeling a little drained whenever he or she steps into your bedroom, it might be time to change the room color or add a revitalizing accent wall.

Before choosing a color for your bedroom which would help you wake up to a fresh mood, make sure you ask some questions to yourself such as:-

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Do you wake up right away or hit the snooze button of your alarm several times?
  • Do you fall asleep as soon as you get in bed or have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you open the blinds as soon as you wake up or slowly ease into the day?
  • Do you feel drained around white or bright colors?
  • Do you prefer uncluttered, minimalist spaces, eclectic décor, or rustic bedroom styles?

Some of the Best Colors to use in your Bedroom are:

  1. Energetic Red

If you are looking to find the best bedroom color for your room, energetic red can be considered as the most stimulating color for a bedroom. Red is the perfect color if you wish to wake up with high energy levels and great excitement. As red is a very intense color, it can often drain all the body’s energy of a person, so it is generally recommended to use this color sparingly in the bedroom. Probably one accent wall which you usually face when you wake up will do the trick to energize you in the mornings. Red is also used to stimulate conversation and creativity, so if you have a desk in your bedroom or often study on your bed, this shade can get you in the right mood to bring out the best ideas within you.

  1. Serene Blue 

The color blue is considered to be a color that helps a person stay calmed and relaxed. Blue is the preferred color when it comes to selecting a color for your bedroom. When used in bedrooms, it helps to bring down blood pressure and help a person stay at ease when they wake up in the morning after a beautiful sleep. If your room does not receive enough natural light during the day, or if you have a habit of often reading at night, you may opt for pastel blues as they help to keep a room looking brighter.

  1. Uplifting Yellow

Yellow is considered to be an incredibly great mood uplifter and an exhilarating shade when it comes to choosing one for your bedroom. For those who are a morning person who likes to open their eye blinds as soon as they wake up, yellow is a perfect choice. Yellow will match the natural morning mood for these people and help them get their days to start in a good way. Yellow is said to represent the color of joy and happiness. According to several studies, it has been proven that too much yellow may cause frustration or uneasiness. For this reason, it is recommended that a wall or two is enough in a room, and if a person is planning on painting the entire room yellow, they should go for a softer pastel shade.

  1. Soothing Green

Green is considered the perfect color for every room in the house and not specifically the bedroom. The green color of the room helps a person wake up in a calm, refreshed and soothed mood. It is well known to attract prosperity and fertility while encouraging togetherness and comfort, making it the perfect color for those couples with kids.

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When you are searching for the perfect bedroom color which would be helping you to wake up to a fresh mood in the mornings after a nice sleep, the above guide can be the most useful one for you. Waking up to a fresh mood is important as it decides how your whole day would be. When a person wakes up to a fresh mood, his whole day is energetic, productive, and remains fully calm and composed, allowing them to focus more on their work.

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