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9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In Rajasthan



Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

A romantic getaway in Rajasthan is not everyone’s favorite and is for those looking for something unique for their holiday. You are now the time to impress your love by inviting her to a hot air balloon ride, a camel ride, or even an exotic desert camp. You’ll have plenty of options in Rajasthan.

What better method to make your wedding day more memorable than spending a few days in the royal Rajasthan? It’s not! It’s time to stop thinking about your dream honeymoon and make it an actual reality. With a variety of honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan, the location is truly magical.


The pink city is an ideal honeymoon spot for couples who want to take an extravagant honeymoon. Jaipur offers everything that a team could wish for. It is a stunning place to visit with breathtaking desert views, luxurious hotels, and ancient havelis that draw visitors from India and across the globe.

Jaipur has been one of the most sought-after and popular locations for honeymoons in Rajasthan for over ten years. There’s no reason to skip it. So book one of the best Rajasthan holiday packages including cab service according to your convenience and enjoy the romantic places of Rajasthan like Jaipur.


To couples, the picturesque and quiet town has always been among the most sought-after honeymoon spots in Rajasthan. The city is covered by lush evergreen trees along three sides.

The fourth side is surrounded by a shimmering desert. It’s not just a romantic destination and is ideal for couples seeking beautiful and affordable honeymoon spots in India.

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Mount Abu (Hill Station experience in Rajasthan)

It is the only mountain station located in Rajasthan, and Mount Abu attracts thousands of newlyweds each year. The lush green Aravalli mountain range and Nakki Lake offer a spectacular getaway for lovers, which makes it among the top locations to get married in Rajasthan.

Every corner of the town is filled with stunning landscapes. Then Gurushikhar, the Aravalli mountains’ most awe-inspiring peak, provides a beautiful backdrop to enjoy intimate conversations.
If you’re looking to enjoy the breathtaking sunset view on the ridge, you shouldn’t overlook the honeymoon point on Mt Abu.


Filled with forts and palaces, A honeymoon in Udaipur is an opulent occasion. Udaipur is a city that enthralls every visitor and newlywed with its romantic air. The streets lined with pebbles that wind through the historic town and the peaceful surroundings surrounding the lakes create Udaipur, an ideal honeymoon destination in Rajasthan.


Jodhpur is sure to provide you with the sensation of a fairytale beginning to your new romance. The city has plenty to offer visitors, such as the famed Mehrangarh Fort, as well as other palaces, forts, and forts as well as temples.

Mehrangarh Fort is a stunning temple right just in front of it. The fort is picture-perfect.


The place of mysterious forts as well as awe-inspiring ruins the stories of heroes and sacrifices. Chittorgarh is an old town that is awash with historical luster. It is the home of the famous Chittorgarh Fort, and the location is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable romantic getaway to Rajasthan for those trying to get a glimpse into the harrowing story of the state’s history.

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The blockbuster smash, Padmavati, showcases the background of the land and glimpses of the most famous sites like Padmini Palace, Rana Kumbha Palace, and many others.


We are contacting the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers who are out and about. Bharatpur is a perfect getaway for couples that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bharatpur is well-known for its National Park. From woodlands and dry grasslands to the variety of flora and wildlife, there is plenty hidden in the forest of the park’s national park. Bharatpur is among the most beautiful honeymoon spots in Rajasthan.


Sometimes referred to as the ‘coaching factories of the world,’ Kota is a place that is more than an intellectual playground; however, it also has plenty of gorgeous sites that honeymooners are able to experience.

It is home to numerous historical museums, and magnificent palaces with vibrant paintings and beyond. Kota lies in southeast Rajasthan.
So, if you’re one of those who want to gain an understanding of the history of a location, in addition to experiencing the stunning sights, Kota is the place to be!


In the middle of the Aravalli Hills, the little town of Nathdwara is known as “The Gate of the Lord’s”. It’s situated along the shores of the river Banas and offers stunning scenery. It is also an important Hindu location that attracts hundreds of visitors each year.

Nathdwara is also known for its “Pichwai Paintings”, traditional Rajasthani style paintings, and terracotta art. It is regarded as the centre of traditional crafts, arts, and artifacts.

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