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Five Scheduling Apps to Simplify Instagram Marketing



Simplify Instagram Marketing

It is very easy for you to post within the social media world, especially for casual social media users. The best site to buy Instagram followers is which is a legit website. People buy real Instagram followers to his can be done if you have one social media account. If you are not that active bird on Instagram, you can easily arrange a few things to be done on your behalf through Instagram apps. You may check out IG growth services to grow exponentially. The ones who have more work or really important needs on Instagram can follow a specific schedule where you can reschedule it at any time of the day, and your posts will find their way. It would probably be very useful to use a social media management application, and this would be easier if you have multiple social accounts.

There is also an option to schedule your posts and pictures and be delivered to set times in a week. Earlier, most social media apps have restricted themselves to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many apps have increased their popularity, and this is what has been added to the Instagram feature. However, it may or may not be as simple as scheduling the Instagram post within the app in others, especially Twitter. But the technology, as you can see, some managers have worked hard and made the procedure much reliable and easier than others.

One of the most important reasons why the apps face difficulty is that the social media handle Facebook now scrutinizes app other apps to use the content published on Instagram.

Now let us discuss the apps which have been one of the best Instagram scheduling apps and tools for 2021-

  1. ContentCal
  2. Loomly
  3. Falcon
  4. AgoraPulse
  5. Buffer


  1. ContentCal


This is one of the best apps which allows you to publish, plan and create your content from one main location. This app is useful for any size of business, and it provides a brilliant platform that is affordable and has great prices and offers the highest tier premium. Its pricing starts at $99 per month.

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This platform is really like a virtual calendar, and using it is very knowledgeable. In this app, the posts are already posted in a large bulk within the calendar, and the image and the caption are legible without going extra in detail. Its color-coding makes it easier for the user to understand where they are in the queue. This helps to segregate each post into categories. You don’t have to get into the calendar to look into the post, you can easily look at the color icons on the top, and each post will be visible to you. You can also pre-define many different cords and can create snippets. You can select a snippet of your choice from the menu.

It also offers advanced analytics as an add ons which gives you a granular view of each channel and its performance. You will get to know who is engaged in your posts, how well your opponents are performing, and which piece of content should be driven. Continental lets you integrate with a man other apps, which means that you can adapt content items. One of the latest features is engagement, and it enables you to manage social media, tags, comments, likes, and DMs from one inbox.

  1. Loomly


This platform will make your work easy. By using this app, you will make the proper structural management of social media less complex. It has four pricing tiers which range from $35 per month and goes up to $295 per month. However, if you choose a basic plan, it is also useful for you to handle a few Instagram accounts. To get started, looming offers you a timely calendar with the dates mentioned and the time zone.

You can directly schedule the post on looming, or you can prefer to work with buffer for posting purposes. However, there are some limitations to it. You can also sign in to social media accounts, but this platform does not allow default Instagram posts. For this purpose, you would need an another-party app. Once loom gets a chance to work with API, it will for sure improve its chances.

Loomly focuses more on the workflow. If there are many members, then the workflow is-

  • Requires edits
  • Pending approvals
  • Approved
  • Scheduled
  • drafts
  1. Falcon


This platform provides you with customer support, management skills, publishing, advertising, and measurement all in one. This is a globally working company, and its offices are located in the USA, Melbourne, Sofia, and Chennai. All schedule content will be provided to you in a unified calendar. Here, the posts are identifiable and mentioned with dates. By using this platform, you will be able to differentiate and identify your Instagram post. If you work with large teams, the falcon’s campaign will help you collaborate with teams.

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Here you can handle posts, processes, and approvals, and access agencies for a smooth collaboration process. This platform helps you publish and promote posts, and It is an amazing tool to manage all in one posts in one place. It provides in-depth knowledge that tracks over 600-700 metrics. In addition, you will have access to falcons’ social listening tool. The best thing about falcon is that it gives you a clear shot that who is involved and what is happening. With the help of this, you can create brands, help customers to resolve queries and it can also track opinions across different languages and help you identify influencers. Falcon Is a great app to help you with audience engagement. It has the main inbox and includes multiple feeds and labels.

  1. AgoraPulse


This platform has one of the best user-friendly interfaces. And this is one of the best platforms fully featured in social media management techniques. Even if your Instagram can be tricky to handle, it would be easy with this app. The main feature in the agoraPulse is the inbox. The inbox shows all your previous conversations, comments, mentions, and reviews related to other social media accounts. The app setup is easy but different, and this app takes you to the publishing tab, where you will be able to see all your social media messages, your schedule and queue, and the post showing current dates.

You can click on the time slot which suits you, and you can book your slot. There is one function similar to the inbox: the social listening function. Here, you can see all your backlog items each time you open the application. Its unique feature, the bulk feature, lets you take the series of posts from CSV files, and there is a website that uses the RSS feeds. They can be used to create a line. If you are an active user of Instagram, this app would be of great use to you.

  1. Buffer


This platform will make sharing easy. You have to hook up all your social media accounts and create the latest post in the app itself. This app gives you the freedom to choose whichever accounts you want to use. You can also use your content, such as your best blogs or vlogs. Linking to your Instagram account can be merged slightly, and this is all because of the Instagram restrictions. However, with the buffer, it is really easy. You need to have an Instagram business profile if you want to plan your post. It is just as similar as you do with the other Instagram account. All you have to keep in mind is that you must have a business profile. However, if you have a private or a personal profile, each time buffer will remind you when you post yourself. Posting a schedule on the buffer is very easy. You can set posting dates for each account, so you don’t have to think about it later. In addition, a buffer has the feature that it posts the right place in the line. This app also provides a buffer add-on that makes your content and uploads it from the appropriate RSS feeds.

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As seen, it is not so easy to schedule Instagram posts. However, the above social media managers are here to help you make your work easy and they are mostly using this website to get more Instagram likes. Also, their interface is user-friendly, and it is easy to set up, which is potentially challenging. These social media apps help you manage and create your scheduled posts and offer you various social media management programs. In addition, these apps provide the best unique feature to make your post more customized and modified to suit your industry.

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