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8 Security Benefits of Outsourcing Records Management



Outsourcing Records Management

Security becomes a major concern for organizations when records leave the realm of their control. Records whether in physical or electronic format, need to be properly protected against any malicious activities and away from unauthorized personals access. As new advances in technology and the digital environment unfold on daily basis, security threats are increasing than ever before.

In this write-up, we discuss certain security benefits that come with records outsourcing. However, before we dive into specifics, you might wonder to know that what is actually meant by records-outsourcing. Just to give you a little overview of the term “records outsourcing “and develop a base for complete understanding for the article. Records outsourcing is a process in which companies, regardless of their size allow other private entities to take care of your organizational records/documents.

The term records refer to all documents currently active or inactive such as letters, notes, contract papers, invoices, emails, proposals that companies deal with on a day-to-day basis. As the life of your company increases, so does the amount of these files increases and maintenance becomes a hard task. These records management companies collect your firm’s historic records, organize it, and retain it under a secured environment. Archive Technologies in Pakistan, the leading Islamabad based private records archiving firm pioneered the idea of records management that facilitates organizations with effective records management practices.

So without further ado, let’s explain the undeniable security benefits that Archive Technologies in Pakistan brings in for your company’s records management and how outsourcing records management can help your business gain productivity.

  1. Controlled Records Access 

When your company’s record is managed by a third-party archiving services provider, the locus of control gets more secured. To put in simple words, access to your data comes down to only a limited number of people which ultimately reduces the risk of files being accessed by unauthorized personals. Even though if someone tries to intrude, the digital archiving platform promptly informs you of every suspicious activity and requests you to change your login credentials in a timely fashion.

  1. Safe Transmission of Documents 

Once your firm’s data is protected in an offsite warehouse, you can easily ask for any required file transmission back to your company. Archiving professionals scan your records that can be conveniently shared via email or any other electronic channel. This feature not only makes your business activities fast enough but also reduces the risk of documents being misused by anyone with malicious intentions.

  1. Life Time Records Protection

Once your organization’s data reaches an offsite facility, it stays there for good unless you agree to the destruction of the records after a certain period of time. Furthermore, with the digitization policy of the archiving agencies, your data is converted to digitized/electronic format and saved on electronic mediums like computer hard drives, or cloud-based storage service solutions. Electronic documents are easily accessible from anywhere on the planet and are highly secured with personalized login credentials.

  1. Reduced Environmental Risk Triggers 

Environmental uncertainties such as rain, hurricanes, and earthquakes can be lethal if you are only relying on physical records management. Thus records digitization is very essential to permanently secure your valuable and sensitive documents. Since the digitized version of your company records is stored over the internet which completely puts the data literally away from every natural disaster.

  1. Reduced Risk of Records Damage

As paper-based records is highly flammable. When you decide to store your company’s documents onsite on company premises, there is a greater chance that the data may get destroyed or damaged by fire. You can eliminate these sorts of risks by outsourcing your records to data archiving solutions providers. Typically, the records archiving companies heavily invest in cutting-edge tools that constantly monitor the warehouse temperature. Storage facilities are equipped with fire sensors and detectors that promptly alarm the workforce in case of fire burst. Furthermore, temperature-controlled devices also protect your documents from humidity and moisture that could otherwise lead to the decay of files over time.

  1. Financial Security & Cost Effectiveness 

Quite often, self-administration and management of records within company premises typically incur various types of costs. For example, costs related to the acquisition of software and other appliances, storage space, and human resources. By outsourcing the records management, you can escape all such overhead expenses that may eat up a significant portion of the company’s financial capital. Furthermore, outsourcing records to an archiving partner makes the searching and retrieval process less laborious and saves the employee’s time and effort.

  1. Eliminate Data Breaches 
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Outsourcing your data to a records management company eliminate the tendency of your data being open to security breaches.

Data falling into the wrong hands can greatly impact your firm’s reputation and privacy. Archiving facilities comply with international guidelines of records preservation that ensure that there is a trust-based relationship between clients and archiving services providers. With the latest tools like biometric on entrance restrict unauthorized people to come close to your document’s racks.

  1. Secured Universal Accessibility

With increasing mobility and globalization, prompt access to data is much needed today than ever before. As you go for outsourcing your organization’s records, you actually unlock the possibility of making data-driven decisions literally from anywhere in the world. You might be on your vacations, where you may feel the urge to extract some old reports, revisit some documents, and work your way out. In this age of advanced gadgets, you can access your data right under the tips of your fingers right away regardless of your location.

Final Words

There are various benefits when it comes to outsourcing records management. Such as it optimizes business process, automate the workflow, cutting short onsite self-administered records management costs, and purchasing expensive tools. However, benefits associated with records security are some of the most rewarding advantages that many businesses exploit for maintaining their data effectively. It liberates companies’ owners to live with peace of mind as security measures are guaranteed in outsourcing records management.

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