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The secret behind the success of Muti services app like Gojek: How to launch a on-demand multi service business?



Muti services app like Gojek

The on-demand services contribute to a huge part of the current market for the online market sector. According to a survey report by the on-demand economy by Burson Markstellar, the Aspen Institute and Time shows that 86.5% of Americans use on-demand services. There are many startups based on the On-demand service tag after witnessing the prospering market trends. One of the popular multi-services apps is the Gojek app. These offer a plethora of services to suit customer requirements. The tremendous growth of Gojek like app has gotten people inspired to invest in the Gojek clone app.

Factors that contribute to the success of Gojek like app

Understanding the Customer mindset

The multi-services app like Gojek operates on a global scale, so there is a need to connect with the local community and transform the products to suit their needs. Gojek’s on-demand video streaming service GoPlay has quickly expanded its network in the Indonesian market since its launch in 2019.

The main factors contributing to its popularity are the fact that they are encouraging Indonesian filmmakers can showcase their talent and better meet consumer demand for high-quality local content. Edy Sulistyo, CEO of GoPlay, said, “ By combining the resources and expertise of these partners with Gojek’s footprint in Indonesia, we are well-positioned to support and grow Indonesia’s creative industry while continuing to reach more consumers with quality local content.”

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So be it any sector, it would bring in more customers to a platform if the application understands the requirements of the customers.

Managing resources efficiently

One of the several perks of owning a multi-services app like Gojek is utilizing the resources available to a maximum extent. Due to the Coronavirus, the demand for taxi booing services has reduced tremendously, so these drivers take the task of food and courier delivery. Even in regular times, more drivers are employed during lunch and dinner times for food delivery services.

It has a well-built algorithm to understand the current needs, and they utilize the resources accordingly. During Gojek clone app development, try to have a feature to view the traffic of customers in the admin module so that they can manage the services more productively.

Having a growth strategy

Once a perfectly capable running product is built, the growth team which takes care of the proper functioning of the app and making sure the app is up to date. These are members of the growth team and the role they perform:

Growth manager: They role come up with a plan for the areas of growth based on the current business reports and delegate tasks to the growth team members.

Developers: These include a team of developers; the size depends on the requirements. They fix the bugs and other software issues. Also, they work closely with the growth manager and make modifications to the app accordingly.

UI/UX designer: Based on the customer feedback and reviews, they have alterations to the front-end.

Data analyst: Review the data and plan the areas of improvement. For instance, the demand for the food and grocery sector is higher, so they will instruct the developer’s team to make the Gojek app more efficient to handle the traffic.

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How to start your online multi-service app?

Partner with the app development company

There are several app development companies available in the market that choose a company that matches your current requirements. Decide on the following things before approaching the company.

  • The services you require in the multi-service app.
  • The features and functionalities to be included in the Gojek like the app.
  • Cost to be spent on the app and related aspects.

Once decided, approach the company and discuss your customization and branding requirements. You can also start with a ready-made solution like the Gojek clone app and launch your multi-service business quickly.

Promote your app

The process of the app development process does not end with getting the clone, in order to attract more customers to the app, they have to prompt the products. Here is a key factor to market your Gojek like app:

Research target market: Understand the needs and requirements of the customer. Some of the methods are survey and opinion polls can be conducted to get a better understanding of the customers.

Perform competitor research: Try to overcome the cons of the competitor products.

Content blog: People prefer blogs rather than advertisements. Research states that 71% of the customers use the app after reading about it in blogs.

Summing Up

The popularity of on-demand services is increasing day by day. According to reports by the end of 2020, 7.6 million people are going to be part of the On-demand service sector. Entrepreneurs can ready-made clone apps from Appdupe and launch a multi-service app in a popular platform such as iOS Appstore and Google Playstore. The multi-services app solution like the Gojek clone app has all the salient features and can be customized to suit clients’ requirements.

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