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What Expenses are Added to Sellers’ Closing Costs in Florida?



Sellers' Closing Costs

Calculating a closing cost is the third most difficult task for the new sellers. If you are the person who is still not aware of closing costs and decided to sell your property, then this post is going to help you a lot. For many home sellers, the toughest part is to calculate the closing cost in their region.

Many sellers ended up calculating it all wrong and suffering a big amount of expense at the end of the deal. You have to be more vigilant and active during your process because every region and state has its requirement of expenditure for both the buyers and sellers.

Suppose you live in Florida, then you will calculate according to seller closing costs Florida. Such as in Florida, there is no need to hire an attorney while making any legal transaction, so sellers get the benefit and save the fees of the seller’s attorney that is added to the seller’s closing costs.


In this article, we will discuss different expenses incurred during the seller’s closing process in Florida.  

Real estate agent commission

It’s the biggest part of the expense that is added to the seller’s closing cost. The agents charge around 5 percent to 6 percent of the listing price added at the end of the listing process in the seller closing cost. In total, it sums up the closing cost to 8 percent to 10 percent by including other expenses that are mentioned above.

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Outstanding mortgage payoff

The outstanding mortgage payoff of the home is necessary to pay fully before the end of the closing process. It includes the complete balance and prorated interest until the day of closing. Lien expense is also included and should be paid before.


Florida has its own real estate property tax rules. The owners have to pay property taxes one year after year. So, until the time the seller owns the house, then he should clear all the amount of property taxes.

Pest inspection

A pest inspection is attempted while selling the house. It is usually required when demanded by the buyers or according to the location of your listing. The sellers need to attach the report of pest inspection with the documents. The sellers have to incur up to $200 for this expense.

Documentary stamp tax

The Florida property tax is also called an excise tax. This tax is necessary to pay while making any property transaction. It varies from country to country.

Title examination

It is necessary to add a complete record of transfer of home in the local or public records. The examination will examine that you have to pay all the miscellaneous charges, including mortgages, taxes, and other claims. It may cost up to some hundred dollars.

Title insurance

It is necessary to save your property from any accident, so title insurance is essential after a property transaction.

Last words

I hope you got clear information related to all the expenses that may incur while closing the deal in Florida.

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