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4 Reasons for Travelers to Choose Serviced Apartments over Hotel Accommodation



Serviced Apartments


A Space called your own

Many travelers, business executives, and guests appreciate a space of their own at the end of the day. An apartment is a perfect home away from home—a kind of accommodation full of convenience, reliability, and comfort. Furnished homes and kitchen facilities give them the flexibility to enjoy their downtime separately or plan the next day’s activities over a shared meal. These apartments are often available for the short or long term.

4 Reasons to dive in for serviced apartments

The number of people traveling across the planet has increased with the transportation facilities getting easier and easier. The comfort and reliability of air travel have increased the destination options and thus the demand for accommodations. Although the cities with the most hotel rooms are tourist destinations, several cities are highly demanded as business destinations or travelers’ destinations.

Thus, the demand of business travelers or leisure travelers for accommodation has changed. Imagine a three/four-bedroom apartment with a fully fitted kitchen, a lounge, a dining room, and two bathrooms where you are staying for a fortnightly holiday. You may consider Kasa apartments designed to be your home on the road. Their apartments Alexandria VA, provide soft furnishings, fresh linens, ultrafast Wi-Fi, a Smart TV, and all the essentials to make your stay comfortable.

Did you know: The report finds that the average rent in Nashville is between $1,580 and $2,650 this year.

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Here are some of the features of serviced apartments that demonstrate their advantage over hotel accommodation:

  1. Meals

A fully stocked kitchen at your rented apartment with the local delicacies you prepare dinner with your peers. In contrast, the hotel limits your creativity to what a kettle can cook. However, you have the comfort of room service at the hotel; what fun it has when you have to eat while sitting on the bed of a small room. Apartments like that offered by Kasa are worth trying. You can stay for 15 days or a month. Kasa properties include pools, gyms, business centers, and community rooms available for your use.

  1. Schedule

Having your apartment in a new city helps you be your person or plan your day according to your convenience. You don’t have to move according to the hotel’s cleaning schedule or food schedule, and you will not be woken up at odd hours or get your space evaded whenever the hotel’s housekeeping knocks at the door. You are a grown-up, you can make your bed, and most don’t give a thorough clean to the bathroom every day, so you can very well go without that too. Some apartments provide daily cleaning facilities too.

Apartment Alexandria VA has the facility of a virtual front desk, where you don’t have to wait for key collection. It has your access code, arrival instructions, and property amenity guides. The access code helps you check in to your apartment on your schedule. The checkouts are as easy, you have to return your property access items to the designated location in your Kasa, and you’re on your way!

  1. Space to unwind

Apartments provide so much physical space to walk around; it is itself such a relief. When you get back from exploring the place or a business meeting, you need space to relax and unwind, which a compact hotel room with a bed cannot offer. In a hotel, you would just lay down in bed and watch TV. But in an apartment, you can sit in the lounge, prepare food or sometimes order it, roam around and get the best of it.

  1. Share an apartment with colleagues

An apartment with 2 to 3 bedrooms provides a personal space to share times with peers and design next-day travel or presentation. Sit in the lounge with them and unwind. Talk about the day and prepare for the coming schedule of travel or meetings. You don’t have to deal with the hustle-bustle of the hotel, eat with strangers. In the apartment you have your friends with whom you can prepare food, enjoy. If not that you can rent a one-room apartment and enjoy personal space and time and unwind from the buzz of the whole day.

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Wrapping it up

For leisure travelers and business travelers, the serviced apartment option against hotel accommodation is always intimidating. The 4 reasons given above will help them make the right direction to decide. Kasa apartment Alexandria VA provides a new standard of seamless 24/7 self-check-in and sparkling clean apartments.

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