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Top 7 Tips To Help Business Professionals Choose Serviced Apartments



Choose Serviced Apartments

For business deals and essential works, business people have to travel a lot. Whether it is attending a conference, signing a big business deal, or meeting with an investor, they have to stay outside their home in hotels, inns, and other places.

But in recent days, serviced apartments have managed to get a hike in their popularity. This has led to the surfacing of several budget-friendly options. But how will you choose the right furnished service apartment?


Tips To Help Business Professionals Choose Serviced Apartments

We understand, with a lot of serviced apartment options, it becomes tough to choose anyone. But you should not worry about that anymore. Here we are with some useful tips to show the perfect serviced apartments.

By the way, if you are visiting Singapore for your next business meeting, you can directly look into the serviced apartments in Singapore.

With that being said, let’s move on to what you need to consider to choose the right serviced apartments.

Customer Reviews

The very first thing you should consider is the customer reviews of all the service apartments you might have already shortlisted. The experience of previous visitors will give you an overall idea of the entire service apartment.

Though the preferences vary from person to person, you will still be able to understand what you can expect and whatnot.

Suitably Located

The location of the service apartment is another vital factor while choosing one. When you are visiting the place to attend a business conference or for a business deal, you will always want the place to be located near the event venue.

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In addition, you will always prefer a calm and peaceful place so that you do not face any disturbance while working on your business operations.

Convenience And Comfortableness

Along with the location, convenience also matters a lot here. By convenience, we are not only meaning to say how well the place is connected with the nearest airport or other places, but how well the apartment is equipped.

Serviced apartments are like your homes, so it has to be equipped with all the essentials of day to day life. The comfortableness also matters here, as people usually plan to stay for a longer period.


If you are going with a specific service apartment provider, you can also ask the professional directly whether they have been given any accreditation or rewards from the industry.

Accreditation and rewards help judge the reliability and the service you are going to get during your stays in a service apartment.


Security is another factor. When you are staying in a hotel, in most cases, you do not have to worry about security reasons. But as service apartments are situated in normal buildings, and several types of people live there, you have to take this part very seriously.

You will never want your valuable assets, important business documents to be stolen or misplaced due to the lack of proper security.


Privacy is another thing you can expect at any hotel room. But when it is a service apartment, you have to be double sure about that. For your business tour, you will obviously want and need a certain level of privacy.

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So, before signing the papers and checking into the apartment, be crystal clear about whether you will get your desired privacy or not.


Serviced apartments are always a budget-friendly option than staying in a hotel. But still, when you are going somewhere for your business purposes, you will always want to save as much as possible.

So, while checking the factors we have mentioned earlier, ensure that the apartment you are going to stay in is being served under your budget.

Final Tips

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, check the amenities, additional services, nearest locations, and whether the apartment has 24×7 support service. For doing your business-related work, please ensure that the place has good network coverage and offers wifi or internet connection.

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