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How to Set Up A Vape Bar At Home



Vape Bar At Home

Vaping is an exciting activity to partake in with friends and family while watching a game, a show, or having a party. Vaping has become popular due to its recreational and medical benefits. The national youth tobacco survey has shown that 5 million people had vaped within the last month,  and a bit over 1.6 million use it at least 20 times each month.

Many people want to know how to set up vape bars in their homes for an upcoming house party or event. If you also have this question, you’re in luck. This article will illustrate several simple steps you can take to set up a fantastic vape bar in your home.

1. Get your e-cigarettes and e-liquids

This step is the first and arguably the most important in setting up your vape bar. Buying e-cigarettes and e-liquids is challenging, and you can easily buy the wrong ones if you’re not careful. There are some things you should when choosing e-cigarettes, which are:

  • Potency

Before you buy, you must understand what potency of vaping liquids you want to buy. Some are very potent (high nicotine strength), which means only professional e-cigarette smokers can use them. On the other hand, some less potent variants can equally provide your group of friends with a similar amount of fun.

  • Affordability
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Affordability is equally an essential factor to consider. If money isn’t an obstacle, then you can get as many vapes and e-liquids as you want. However, if you’re on a budget, it would be better to go for multi buy vape juice and vape options. These options mean that you can get multiple vapes and e-liquids at a discounted rate.

  • Flavor

It may not turn out to be an enjoyable vaping experience if you get dull and unlikeable flavors. Thus, carefully select multiple fruity flavors to make sure everyone gets a flavor they like.

fruity flavors

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2. Buy some supplies

When you want to set up your vape bar, multiple supplies are of the utmost importance. They are:

  • Wick
  • Coils
  • Atomizers

However, the most crucial supplies to get are batteries or chargers. Since most vapes run on removable or in-built batteries, it is vital to get chargers for vapes that are in-built and replaceable batteries, especially if your party’s guests will be vaping for a long time.

Till today, it is still a hot debate on which is better between in-built and removable batteries, so you should get the one you are more comfortable with.

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3. Snacks are a must

After vaping, your guests will inevitably get hungry. Thus, snacks are as equally important to get as vapes and vaping liquids are. Without something to munch or snack on, your guests will most likely get frustrated and cranky.

First, to keep things safe, make sure you ask all your guests if they prefer food or snacks. To play it even safer, ask them what types of food, snacks, or drinks they like.

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Some excellent go-to snacks and drinks to get are pizzas, chicken wings, and beer.

4. Keep it sanitary and safe.

You must understand that if you don’t keep your vape bar safe and clean, it is bound to drive your guests away. The ones that stay will leave earlier than they anticipated due to your vape bar’s unsanitary conditions and your home in general.

When filling your e-cigarettes with liquids, some juice will spill. Make sure you clean it up as soon as possible. Some people may need to share vapes, so make sure you sanitize them after each use. You can do this easily by using dish soap and warm water.

vape bar safe and clean

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5. Send out invites!

Now that you’ve gotten everything ready, the only thing you need to do is to send out invites. However, sending invites is not as easy as it sounds. For one, you should consider the number of vapes available while inviting your guests. Inviting too many guests when you don’t have many e-cigarettes available could be catastrophic.

Also, you have to consider the seating capacity. Thus, try to invite the appropriate amount of guests based on how much equipment you have.

However, if you have enough e-cigarettes and liquids, invite as many people as you want.

6. If needed, teach on how to use vapes

You might need to teach people how to use vapes. As popular as you may think e-cigarettes are, not everyone knows how to go about it. Sometimes, the people who claim they do use wrong techniques. Thus, it would help if you showed some guidance on how to vape at the start of a session.

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Simultaneously, do not pressurize anyone into vaping because trying to do this may cause altercations. Some may be skeptical about the devices and substances, while some may not be in the mood to vape.

teach on how to use vapes

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Final Words

In recent years, Vaping has increasingly become popular, with its sales expected to reach $40 billion in 2023. If setting up your vape bar yourself seems like a big challenge to you, there is no harm in recruiting one or two more people to assist you. These six tips above will guide you to set-up your vape bar and get it ready for an ultimate vaping experience.

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