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Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Isn’t Functioning Properly



Air Conditioning System

It’s no secret that things are getting hotter, Australia set a national record in 2022 of 50.7 °C, which is more than hot enough to fry an egg without a stove! The old saying goes that “only mad dogs and Englishmen venture out in the midday sun”, but in conditions as hostile as these I think even they would seek the shade! Science indicates that temperatures will only continue to rise in the next few years, so how can we protect our homes and families from this oppressive heat?

The simple answer is air conditioning. Around 80% of modern homes now have one installed to help us get through these sultry times. Unfortunately, even a home protected by a home air conditioner system can experience performance problems and even breakdowns, so what are the indicators to look for that our air conditioning isn’t working at maximum efficiency?

It’s Hot Inside – Well, this probably goes without saying, but if you notice your home is hotter than it should be and find that your system is blowing out tepid, or even hot air instead of cool or cold, then you have a problem! Make sure to turn the unit off right away, then make an appointment with your local repair person.

More Frequent Cycling – The thermostat is the electronic brain that determines the room’s ambient temperature and makes adjustments to raise or lower the amount of cooling your system produces. If it starts to cycle on and off more frequently than normal, it’s a sign that you may need to replace your thermostat. Dust in the air and high use in the hot months can cause the mechanism to wear out, making your entire system malfunction. A faulty compressor can also cause this effect, so have that checked by an air conditioning repair professional as well.

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Strange Sounds – Every home appliance produces a set of sounds unique to its function, like the hum of the fridge, or the rumble of the tumble dryer. We grow used to this ambient, white noise over time to the point that it doesn’t even register in our attention any more. But, if you start noticing strange sounds coming from your air conditioner, or any appliance for that matter, you had best turn it off to prevent further damage and ring up your repair person.

Cost Increases – If you start noticing the cost of your utilities bill is going up, but the outside temperature is remaining the same, it’s a sure sign that your air conditioning is no longer functioning properly and is not running at peak efficiency, wasting both energy and your money! If this happens, summon the professionals to inspect and clean your system, they will be able to ascertain what’s at the root of the problem and get your system working properly again.

Compressor Ice Build-up – If you find ice building up on your compressor unit, you are going to require some professional help. Causes of this kind of problem include damaged coils, coolant line leaks, and dirty filters. No matter what the cause, if excess ice is present, it is a sure sign that that the compressor unit is seriously malfunctioning.

The Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water has some useful information on the subject, including topics like buying, maintaining, or removing an air-conditioning unit, locating a licensed air conditioning repair person in your area, as well as potential impacts of refrigerant gases on the ozone layer and climate change that you should be aware of.

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We hope this helps you keep cool!

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