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Sleeper’s Best Sellers Clothing – Everything From Dresses to Pajama Suits



Dresses to Pajama Suits

There are those days when you can’t quite decide whether you want to go for something more casual in your outfit, or if you want to look more classy. And sometimes there are days when combining your clothes in a decent outfit feels rather impossible. That’s why more of us opt for practicality when buying new clothes – we have enough on our plate already and adding yet another hurdle won’t help. And this explains why such a label as Sleeper has become the best sellers clothing brand on the modern fashions scene.

Launched by two fabulous women Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa back in 2014, Sleeper has taken over the fashion world by storm. It succeeded in reintroducing two important notions in style – comfort and practicality. Now, thanks to Sleeper, a pajama set can be so exquisite, that it can be worn anywhere from home to an office and even at the Met Gala red carpet. Handsewn by the most professional seamstresses, all of the brand’s clothing is distinguished by the highest quality and impressive design. If you check out Sleeper’s website, you will be guaranteed to find something you haven’t seen before. The brand is not afraid to play around with new colors, patterns, materials, and progressive styling ideas. Therefore, it’s no wonder their clothes have even gained huge recognition among celebrities, such as Rihanna, Emma Roberts, and Millie Bobby Brown. Moreover, Sleeper is especially known for its variety of collections. This brand has everything: from a nice summer dress to a wedding suit. So, read on to find out about Sleeper’s most selling designs as of right now!

Get a pajama set from Sleeper – receive practicality and style

As we have already mentioned, Sleeper has succeeded in turning a simple pajama set into a versatile outfit, suitable both for day-to-day errands, as well as for night-out adventures. Moreover, having started their label with the production of such suits, the brand has now out mastered the production of these designs in terms of quality and uniqueness. What is so special about these suits, is that there probably is an option for everyone here. A variety of colors, fabrics, and styles allow you to find exactly what you want without having to make compromises with your desires:

  1. A sizeless pajama set with pants – a perfect solution for those who love relaxed clothes and pastel tones. These pajamas will be suitable both for sleep and a brunch session with your friends.
  2. Another great line is represented by Unisex linen pajama sets, that can be bought either with shorts or pants. These pajamas can be easily bought for your partner or a friend as a surprise matching set as they don’t require any specific measurements.
  3. Are you looking for something both playful and versatile in use? Well, then a Weekend chic set with biker shorts and a top decorated with detachable fuzzy cuffs is your choice. And if you are more of a leggings type of girl, Sleeper has this design available with them and a long sleeve top.
  4. If you are a party lover, Sleeper got your back with their special Party Pajamas set with detachable feathers cuffs.
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atlanta lounge suit in pink vichy

And if you wanted to make a statement in versatility and elegant grace, look into the purchase of a linen lounge suit. A playful Rumba set in mint or pink with a matching headband, or a sophisticated Atlanta suit with shirred bodice and ruffled shorts – the choice is yours.

Make heads turn with the beloved Sleeper designs

With such a variety of options, it may be hard to make a particular choice. If you haven’t figured out what exactly do you want yet, take a look at Sleeper’s best sellers clothing section. You will see, that a decent lounge suit is not the only thing Sleeper is popular for.

Just look at Sleeper’s one of the best-selling dresses – Atlanta linen design. A square neckline, adjustable puffed sleeves that could be worth on and off shoulders, and a matching ribbon that comes as a complement to the dress make this design a perfect solution for any occasion. And the variety of fun colors and patterns make it an easy pick for those who value uniqueness even in popular designs. Alongside Atlanta goes a Sleeper’s classic loungewear dress. Also made from 100% natural linen and featuring an adjustable neckline, this free-fit dress will make a perfect solution for a hot summer day. Other dresses, beloved by the Sleeper audience, include Briggite, Opera, Michelin, and Marie styles, all distinguished by outstanding and unique design.

Among all the pajamas, Weekend chic sets, and party lounge suits, the best selling clothing items also include:

  1. Ariel swimsuit with ruffles would be a perfect purchase before an upcoming summer season.
  2. Boudoir pants with feathers in pink and black for those who like to add flirty details to their outfits.
  3. Knitted cardigan top with feathery fuzzy cuffs that will not only make you look stylish but also provide such a needed comfort.
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On top of all of this, Sleeper also features several footwear options to top your outfit with yet another elegant detail. They include classic and Lulu shearling slippers and Mille-feuille silk flats with a row of bows.

boudoir pants with feathers in pink

Why do people choose Sleeper?

Besides the fact of the versatility of options, Sleeper’s clothes are attractive because of their high quality and therefore durability. The brand only uses high-grade sustainable materials. Moreover, as Sleeper is an advocate for practicality, their clothes become a good investment into one’s wardrobe. Their designs can be combined with any regular clothing item in your closet and result in a unique stunning look. Not to mention that even when worn together their outfits can fit into any occasion.

And what matters, even more, Sleeper is a brand of an idea. Their clothes are not only fashion statements, they also represent the brand’s values, such as comfort and self-love. They also emphasize that fashion is not that hard – it shouldn’t take a lot of effort or come along with sacrifices. Being stylish can be as easy as putting on your favorite pajamas and just enjoying yourself feeling beautiful and free. We are all naturally graceful and elegant and clothes should just help us explore these features. And Sleeper is a perfect brand for this purpose. It helps its customers celebrate the beauty of life every day.

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