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Jewelry Style Tips – The Top Trendy Ways That Can Change Your Perspective



Jewelry Style Tips

What should you consider while shortlisting jewelry to complement your style? How can you avoid boredom in styling your jewelry? The answers to these questions are not always easy. This article highlights a few key points that will help upgrade your fashion quotient using jewelry.


Creating Layers

A great way to start your journey is to pursue experimentation. You can experiment with contrasting colors, textures, or lengths to create captivating layers with different jewelry pieces. Knowing the gemstone facts will help you choose the right jewelry that enhances the gemstone’s appeal. It makes the layering job easier for you.

  • Necklaces can help create different lengths to draw attention to your face
  • The various pieces of bracelets and bangles can give you a flashy look as you move
  • You can have rings stacked in any combination that suits your taste
  • Multiple earrings are in fashion if you are comfortable with more than one piercing

The creation of layers is easy, and you can achieve it by putting together a collection of pendants and necklaces of varying lengths and textures. You can make a note in your mind about the look. Altering these with different jewelry can keep you leading the game for longer.

Knowing the Right Time to Shop

It is crucial to decide on your purchase timeline. Identifying your goal for creating layers will help you select the proper jewelry. For example, if you are trying to draw attention to your face with layered necklaces, it doesn’t make sense to go for an armful of bangles.

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Ideally, you can go for layering based on the occasion you want to attend. If you are attending a wedding wearing a bold pair of sapphire statement earnings, you can have a subtle necklace option to go with it.

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The Ever Forgetful Earrings

We often tend to miss our earrings. However, they are a critical component of your look as it is always visible to a person talking to you. You can have your rings complement your eye color, hair, or skin tone. It is advisable to go for metal finish earrings that remain visible for people with long hair.

Time for Experimentation

The recent fashion trends suggest that the demand for metal jewelry is subsiding. Therefore, you can get necklaces that have a contrasting color of the pendant and the chain. You can even add metal bangles to increase the color and vibrancy of your outfit.

Accessorize Jewelry to Accompany Clothing

We often fail to pair the right jewelry with our clothing. Before going to an event, you should visualize the dress you want to wear. Once you have that in mind, you’ll be able to picture the particular set of jewelry or other accessories you can complement.

Another approach can be to shortlist a piece of particular statement jewelry and match it with the right outfit. Both these approaches will make you look stylish.

Choosing a Highlight for Your Jewelry

When there is more than one piece of jewelry, onlookers can easily get distracted. Therefore, dressing to highlight a particular piece of jewelry can help get better results. You can make your statement jewelry the focal point of your attire.

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Another approach can be to decide which part of the body you want to highlight, like the hands, ears, neck, etc. You can plan your jewelry based on the area shortlisted for drawing attention. The idea is to avoid clothing or accessories that distract people from the focal point.

Don’t Just Follow Trends

So, you are aware of the tips that can help you look trendy for different occasions. However, one aspect that we often miss to address is falling prey to changing fashion trends. Trends influence fashion to a great extent, but you may not want to adopt every one of them.

Keeping your personality and taste intact in a rapidly changing space can help you make your mark. Another crucial point is that opting for new trends is an expensive affair. Therefore, go for the fashion trends that help you feel involved and confident with every change.

When shortlisting a piece of jewelry, it is essential to consider:

  • Your sense of styling
  • The colors and designs you prefer
  • Your comfort carrying these statement pieces

Considering these while accessorizing will improve your overall fashion quotient. A vital detail that should not get missed is giving due attention to your personality traits. We all have different personalities and have preferences that vary and help us present ourselves better. So, choose accessories that go well with your personality.

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